Saturday, September 01, 2007

Travels With Abby

This is where I think I would really drive all the planners and the organizers crazy- planning a birthday party. I do have some organizational skills. But I am such a flake too. And I am also high strung. It is a weird combination. A combination that usually makes for trouble. Here is what I mean. Here is what my day was like.

Up at eight- yea! we got to sleep in! Nurse the baby, get breakfast for the big kids, grab an english muffin for me, feed the baby some baby food. Start to get everyone dressed. Wander around myself, half dressed/half in PJ's (meh, I'll get a shower late!) trying to get makeup on, get packages ready for post office, put laundry away, pay bills, do dishes, make a grocery list, etc. -all at the same time. Somehow it is now eleven o'clock and I am just leaving the house, but at least it is clean. Take Amabel and Elspeth with me to bank and then post office where we need the stroller because of all the packages I have to carry. I wait in line for a while while Amabel pushes Elspeth around the post office- we're up to 95 and I am 00 (it starts over after 99 I guess)- and then I decide to try the machine, which works, but takes way longer than just waiting would have. Off we go to Target when I remember that the interstate is shut down at the exit in front of Target. So hey, I'll take Forest Park Parkway because surely there is a Hanley exit and I can get off at Hanley and take it until I hit Eager (the road Target is on). This is a dumb idea. Anyone from St. Louis knows how dumb an idea this is. I get off at Big Bend. Why? I realized what a dumb idea it was and also I don't think there was a Hanley exit. And then I have to take Big Bend to Clayton to Hanley. I know, ridiculous. So by the time I get to Eager I have decided it is time for lunch and pass Eager altogether, headed for Qdoba. Hanley is all backed up going to Eager the other way. So I will have to find a different route to Target again after lunch. Amabel and I split a burrito for lunch. Qdoba does not give free chips. No other Mexican restaurant in the world doesn't give out free chips. How annoying.

So after we eat our burrito and $2 chips, we cut through Litzinger to Brentwood. We go into Target the back way off Brentwood. I pull into a parking spot and the car next to me shakes violently. Crap! I totally just hit that parked car! I am a total bonehead. Amabel is trying to tell me a story about her first grade friends. I am not very polite as I interrupt. Amabel insists that the people will probably not even notice I hit them when they come back to their car. How tempted was I to just pull out and go park somewhere else? I call George and am frantic about what to do. He calmly suggests I go inside and get customer service to call the police. I do not want to take two small children in and out. I have no idea how much information costs from my cell phone. I don't pay for my cell phone and am completely clueless about my plan. But I call information from the Target parking lot to get the phone number for inside. I will just pay Katie back (my sister in law, who pays for my cell phone). The Target people send out one of those security guys. Seriously? I asked one of those guys to help me get a baby food jar open in the cafe last week. He was totally put out by that, and he's going to help me file a police report?! There's no way he's even qualified for that! He gives me the phone number for Brentwood police- which is what I asked the person who answered the phone for in the first place! The Brentwood police sends a patrol car immediately. And just then, the lady who owns the car comes out of Target. Both of them were so nice- the lady and the police officer. Both of them said exactly what Amabel seemed to want to do, that most people would have just left. They kept telling me how nice I was. So if you're going to have a parking lot wreck, this is the way to do it, I guess. In the end we all seemed to think it was just paint scuffing and would probably buff out. I mean, how fast can you possibly be going when pulling into a parking spot?! I am such a dummy.

Thirty minutes later I still haven't even gone into Target. By the time I get out of Target, it is nearly three o'clock and I haven't nursed Elspeth since eight. Also, she hasn't had a nap. When I pull out of Target I notice that oh, the exit is open onto 170 now. It wasn't on Thursday, but it is today. And if I had known that, everything would've gone completely different. Oh well. Home again, home again jiggity jig. Feed Elspeth and leave both girls to complete the rest of my errands. First stop, party store. And somehow I forgot confetti and streamers. Off to Barnes and Noble for a gift. Mmmm coffee. How nice that I can purchase books and coffee in the cafe. First time I've ever ordered a venti. Poor Owen Wilson. What happened? He is all over the newsstand I pass on my way out. And hey, did you know that Dr. Cameron and Dr. Chase are getting married in real life? I like that. Across the parking lot to Spicers. I do so love Spicers. And everywhere I go people want to know where I got my purse. It's from Spicers. Spicers has Thomas stuff and streamers and confetti and birthday cards. And yet, I forgot the streamers again! Off to Shnucks, still in the same parking lot. Two phone calls home, two times in and out (I kept remembering stuff in line) of the checkout line, an argument with the cashier over Coke coupons (I was right in the end), and some horrendously high total later, I'm out loading my canvas bags into the van and driving home. All of this, the entire day, with the gas light on! And it's still on empty because the lines were so long at the QT.

Let me just say that that venti iced mocha did the trick though. That and George. No way could I get even half of what I get done done if I didn't have the most flexible and helpful husband ever. So I am a mess, as you can see. And I still have to get those dang streamers! Oh, and ice cream. Ice cream at Shnucks was too expensive. I'm thinking they're running a special at Dierberg's. And Dierberg's has the best balloons anyway. On Tuesday I will let y'all know how the party was. I need to give the details and recipes from Amabel's last month too. In the meantime, I will keep y'all posted on any fender benders and highway closings that significantly impact my life.


jennifer said...

There is a Hanley exit off 64/40, but I'm not sure how it is with the construction.

You're right about the fender bender. The first month after we moved back to St. Louis, I did what you did not once, but twice. I left a note on the cars I hit. The owners called me and said no real damage had been done but they appreciated my honesty.

RHB said...

What a day! Hope Aug's bday is wonderful! And that the lady gets her car buffed for free! :) I've been there!

rebekah wright said...

abby--please write a book! moms everywhere can relate and you write it so well! happy birthday to august!

lauren said...

aw, what a day. i've had so many like that one. the ones where your husband had better be ultra sensitive when asking how your day was and/or wants to discuss what you accomplished that day...OR ELSE!

spicers reminds me of my childhood more than anything else! my mom would give us a dollar and we'd get our little baskets and calculate our candy totals to the penny. it was kind of old fashioned in a way...i need to find a place like that for my kids. can you think of a candy shop in b'ham?

happy birthday august! hope it's lots of fun. :)

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