Saturday, October 13, 2007

Book Report

Okay, so no one likes the letter game. Your loss. Maybe I should've just waited until my mind was clear enough to write the whole post. Maybe I'll be able to write a better one after I'm finished with the book. It's slow going as I mentioned. Part of it is because of all the tangles I mentioned- sorting through your character and your choices and your gifts, etc. It is a lot to evaluate and consider. Another reason is because I am currently in the thick of the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter and I have come to an agreement: I am not actually going to read any of the books about him. It started off because I felt overwhelmed. I didn't decide I wanted to read them until all of the recent enthusiasm over the last book's release. So much excitement! And I have missed out! Every day I would walk by the book store in the mall with a big shelf full of Harry Potters staring at me, enticing me to know his story. I just got swept up in it! But "it" is seven really long, thick books. It seemed too daunting. And I already had the gist of the first four, having seen the movies. Well, except I had forgotten a lot of the movies. But I had a friend that said that she had enjoyed them on CD while she was cleaning the house or driving. And wouldn't you know, someone gave us a giant stack of all first six books on CD to borrow as long as we wanted. So I figured what I would do is listen to the first four on CD as a way to sort of catch up, and then start reading from there. Well, I finished The Goblet of Fire this past weekend and did not have a copy of The Order of the Phoenix to start. But I did have The Order of the Phoenix on CD. "And," I thought, "what's the harm? The movie will probably be out (on DVD) for that one soon anyway." Actually, the movie won't be out until December and I am pretty annoyed with the movies, which we have been renting as I finish each book, after hearing the books anyway. There seem to be so many little things they could've done if they wanted to. Anyway, I started The Order of The Phoenix and thought, "Am I really going to only read the last two?" Or was it more "What will I do when I don't have a book on CD to listen to anymore? Housework and carpool won't be the same!" Or even more, a question I still can't answer, "Do I like Harry Potter or Jim Dale more?"

Jim Dale is the reader of the Harry Potter book series. Well, look at his site and you will see he reads and narrates more than that- the Peter Pan books (who knew there was more than one?), a few Jules Vernes books, and the new ABC show Pushing Daisies. I feel like a mooch as Jon has just written a post about this. But I have been meaning to post about it for a while. I was sort of waiting to see if I like the new show. But I wanted to get a new post up as everyone seemed bored with the Dan Allender post, and the only other thing I have going on is Harry Potter and Jim Dale. When I have finished the entire series, I will let you know who I miss most. I have a suspicion it will be Harry in the end, as Jim Dale will probably continue to be out and about but Harry's story will be over. No spoilers please; the rest of the story, even from this point in the book (where Harry has just agreed to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts and held the first meeting in The Hog's Head) is a complete mystery to me, although, unfortunately, in searching for the DVD release date (December 11) I came across the trailer to the most recent movie and am sort of sorry I saw it, though I was pleased to hear Hagrid's voice as he has not turned up at Hogwarts yet in this book.

So I have my request in at the library for the last one- 285 requests on 42 copies so we'll see how that goes. And while I can't really say much about the Pushing Daisies show, only having seen it once, I did like it. It is hard to catch much TV on purpose. If something good happens to be on, great. But we never know what we'll catch. Anyone enjoying something on TV we should try to catch? Any books I should start thinking about for after I'm finished with Harry Potter (or while I wait for the last one?!)? I guess I have a ways to go. But speaking of, I think I'm ready for the next chapter right now!


jennifer h said...

Are you waiting for the book or for the book on cd? If you are waiting for the book, you can borrow our copy.

Jandy said...

Ooh, usually I hate audiobooks because the reader never reads them the way I would--but the Pushing Daisies narrator is so wonderful, I might have to seek these out sometime.

I didn't know what to pick for the letter game...too abstract for me! I did think about it, though, and the closest I came was "c". Because it can be either soft or hard, and I like that it's tricky like that.

The second episode of Pushing Daisies was even better than the first, I think. Less background exposition, more gorgeousness and cuteness. So if you get a chance to see's my pick of the season anyway. That and Ugly Betty.

courtney said...

For me, it's always The Office.

Wrights said...

I actually liked your letter game and I thought about what I would pick for you and what I would pick for myself. It was hard because I wanted to pick different letters depending on what font they were:) I kept picking "a" for you but it was lower case in this cute font that is on some diaper covers someone gave us with olivia's name on them:) But, I don't know if I kept thinking of "a" because that is your name letter or what? I'm not too creative! Thanks for being good to comment on our blog. It's depressing to see 0 comments in the comment box! I even made Nathaniel comment one night because I had like three in a row with no comments. I didn't know I would care so much! Enjoy your books on tape. That is a really good idea.

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