Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Break or Breakdown

I have heard that baby Lucy has improved much over the last day- thanks to everyone who prayed, and please continue to do so. Thanks also to everyone wishing me to feel better. I have never felt such a need for a vacation as I do now. Fall Break is next weekend. It seems years away. We are waffling between going to New York and Chicago. George's aunt is in Chicago. My sister is in New York. And no, we can't afford either trip, but I am losing my mind (really, you have no idea), and need to get out of here. So happy birthday and merry Christmas to me; I'm leaving on a jet plane and don't know if I'll be back again! Here's the deal:

We have George's mom watching the kids for two different three day weekends coming up. One is next weekend and one is in early November. I had originally planned to go to New York in mid November with my best friend, Jennie, to celebrate our 30th birthdays. George was going to come with me the weekend before and then I was going to stay the week and wait for Jennie the next weekend. This would involve relying on lots of favors for people to keep Amabel and August during the week; but we hadn't even gotten to that when my sister's husband started interviewing for jobs and it started looking like we couldn't really count on them still living there come November. We decided to wait and just make last minute plans if they were still going to be there. This doesn't work so well with the idea of me staying a whole week and setting up childcare. It also is problematic to gamble away the October weekend to bank on them not trying to move by November. But the reason the November weekend is better is because Jennie cannot go in October. Jennie is very understanding that I just need to go when I can and that it would totally stink not to get to visit my sister before she moves. But the other problem is that the other weekend was to be for a trip to Chicago to stay with George's aunt. She says the best weekend for her is the October weekend. So it looks like the October weekend is the best Chicago weekend and the November weekend is the best New York weekend, except who knows if my sister will still be there.

I just have to talk these things out, you see. What should I do in Chicago? I have never been. What should I do in New York? Elspeth will be on both trips, but our family members in both locales will be pretty helpful with sitting. And with that statement, I realize, we definitely need to do Chicago in October and New York in November. I have been to New York once before. I am really not interested in statues or monuments. So what should I do? George and I will be together in both places I hope, and then Jennie and I (and Sara if we can convince her, but I haven't heard from her in a while...) will be two (three?) girls on the loose in NYC. Just writing that makes me think I might really can face the rest of the day!


courtney said...

I'm so jealous!! Those are 2 of my favorite cities in the world. You can do anything in NY. Just walking around Soho, Little Italy, or Chinatown- there are tons of little shops, cafes, and restaurants. Chicago is great for shopping. There are quite a few great less expensive stores to get a bargain. But, if you don't want to shop, there is Navy Pier and lost of waterfront parks. I've also heard that the water boat tour of Chicago is pretty fun. NY has one too, but, I don't know anyone who has done it. You're going to have so much fun!!!


sara said...

Your upcoming excursions sound like so much fun. I would love to think that I could get to New York with you and Jennie, but I have a feeling November won't work for me. I am already trying to get away for a much needed weekend with Brian that month, and Macie has play practice everyday for half of the month of November. Anyway, sounds like a blast--I have actually never been there.

As for Chicago--I think that is my very favorite place ever! I have been lucky enough to go three times this year, and I am hoping to go again soon (Brian goes for business--that's why). I did go with some friends in July. We shopped and ate for 3 days straight. My favorites include the Ralph Lauren restaurant, Japonaise, Tavern on Rush, Nordstrom's juniors and shoe departments, and H and M. Other than that, I love just taking in all of the beautiful architecture. And you HAVE to hit the Ghiradelli store. (Spelling??). And American Girl, if you guys are into that. Anyway, I guess I will stop, but I could probably have my own blog just on why I love Chicago. Happy outings!!

Fittsy said...

Both cities are so wonderful this time of year. I haven't been to Chicago in 9 years but loved it when I was there. Our friend Noelle is from there, and Patrick's parents live there now, so if you want me to get suggestions, I'll be glad to.

As for NYC: walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk and watch the sunset over Manhattan - has to be one of my favorite things I've ever done! Then eat pizza at a top rated pizzeria that's down under the bridge. (You'll have to search for this place - as I can't remember the name. Shouldn't be too hard to find.)

Visit here: http://www.purlsoho.com/purl, haven't been but will surely go when I'm there next time.

I've received info from this site in the past: http://www.dailycandy.com/ and loved it.

Also, find a top rated French or Belgian bistro and eat either mussels or steak and frites

And catch a show, ballet or symphony. (We've always done show, but next time I swear I'm going to the ballet!)

You're going to have a great time no matter what you do!


lauren said...

hey girl, here are our chicago favorites...many are off the beaten path, but they are worth it:

Greek Town-probably my favorite eats in the city. Greek Islands and Santorini are both excellent.

Chicago Style Hot Dogs: you have to go to the Wiener Circle, even if just for the experience. It's a great cheap lunch.

Breakfast/brunch: Toast is a really yummy restaurant (stuffed french toast, etc.) and Ann Sanders has the best cinnamon rolls in town.

Little Italy: there are 2 little italy's in chicago. Taylor St. is a little more "touristy", but still is fun to visit, and the other is in the Pilsen area, south of the city. The best restaurant there is "Bacchanalia". It is a hole in the wall (but romantic) authentic Italian restaurant.

Mexican: also in Pilsen is Nuevo Leon on 18th street. It's known for the most authentic mexican in town. For more high end mexican there is Frontera Grill (Rick Bayless' restaurant).

Thai: Star OF Siam is fabulous Thai food and you sit on a pillow with a low table to eat it! So it's a fun experience w/great food. It's on Illinois St. Another great Thai restaurant is Spoon Thai.

Chicago style pizza: Gino's East or Giordano's

Dim Sum(traditional chinese brunch in china town): Phoenix

Also, if you want to go to the top of the Hancock Building at night, instead of paying $10 each to take the tour, go to the 95th floor restaurant and order a cocktail and enjoy the view! It's about the same price as the tour.

can you tell we really like food? i'll have to think about other activites....

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