Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holiday Hullabaloo

I feel that I miss the "spirit of holidays" more and more every year as our crazy retail world moves them up and up. Why do we get New Year's magazines before Christmas and Christmas issues before Thanksgiving, or even Halloween? I have looked high and low for Halloween costumes this week, two weeks before Halloween, and there is nothing left! What I've found instead is a lot of sparsely stocked half price racks shoved in the corners behind prominent displays of mittens and scarves, snowmen and Santa. Santa? Yep. He's here early, folks. I don't believe Christmas stuff is out already! Well, it's not all the way out. But it will be as soon as Halloween is over. Thanksgiving totally gets the shaft. We have thought of sending out Thanksgiving cards in past years, instead of Christmas cards, just to take some of the hectic out of Christmas and to sort of mark Thanksgiving with more than a Turkey dinner. Well, maybe this year.

Anyway, first things first, what to do about Halloween? Maybe this is just so me because I am always late. What is the right time frame though? I have this problem with buying clothes for the kids. In July I think, "fall clothes are not really out yet and we won't need them for months, and the kids will probably grow in the next three months." August rolls around and I realize I missed peek time on Ebay and now everything is selling for pretty near what retail is selling for. So I am buying clothes in September when costumes come out and by the time I am ready to buy costumes in October, they are sold out! So I'm guessing I had better buy Christmas cards next Tuesday! Well, anyway, does anyone have a costume August could borrow? He wants to be a dragon or alligator or crocodile or dinosaur- basically, a large reptile. The one we saw at Target is cute but after going to two different ones the biggest I found is a 3T. The one at Pottery Barn Kids is adorable, but heaven help the mother who pays $60 a piece on Halloween costumes! I was grimacing at a $20 price tag! Fortunately, I am not tempted to go crazy with money I don't have just to make my son happy as they are out of his size anyway. Anyway, borrowing is free; anybody out there who can help me? Oh, and nothing scary; he's a pretty timid child.

As for the girls.... Ugh, yeah, I haven't even started that. I bought fabric for Elspeth and look at me go. I really am going to do it. But I haven't started and I am kind of dreading it. I always dread a new pattern. As much as I love when I have made something for my children to wear, in the end, I don't really enjoy the making itself. That is what I have decided. Kind of sad but there you go. I haven't ever made a costume before. The results could be atrocious. Well, I'll let you know. As for Amabel, asking August what he wants to be has actually proved to be a mistake now that I can't find it. So I am not sure I want to ask Amabel. Maybe I will just encourage her in a direction that I know will work. I kind of thought I would just find her a costume wherever I found August's. But even in places I have looked for August there hasn't been anything for Amabel either. I'm sure we'll think of something. And I will definitely have to remember this for next year! Last year they got costumes for their birthdays (so really early) and the year before that George and I lucked out with matching costumes for them on super sale the day before Halloween. But I guess there will be no such luck this year. Let me know if you have any leads.


Anonymous said...

I have a dinosaur costume -- actually 2. They are cheapo, sort of, but you are welcome to them. -- annie

Fittsy said...

What about either a ballerina or fairy for Amabel?? You probably have most of the costume at home?? Maybe too generic??

My Mom bought Lib's costume after the holiday last year and I plan to do the same this year.


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