Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Late Night Links

10:30 pm and I feel much better. Thank you tender, loving friends. Thank you Bailey's Chocolate Bar. Thank you George. Thank you twenty minute nap that helped the sore on my eye (sorry, I know that's gross) stop hurting. Thank you Joe's New Balance Outlet for fast shipping and for carrying shoes that light up. Or should I thank August for loving his shoes that light up so much and stomping around excitedly to make them shine (blue lights, not red. Better, don't you think?). He is the cutest!

I have links, y'all.

First of all, you may notice the reinstallation of the Mumblety Peg (George's group blog) link. I was pretty sick of the contention over there for a while, but they are nicer about it lately. So I am giving them another chance.

Second and third, two of my oldest and dearest friends have started blogs recently. They are very interesting to me, but maybe not to y'all as they are mostly pictures of their sweet children, who none of you know, and stories of the same. You never know when they'll start rambling about something else though. Rebekah and Jennie both went to high school with me and to Auburn where they also both pledged Chi O (hooty hoot!). We lost Rebekah to UT not long after, but we have always kept in touch. They were both in my wedding and are both still wonderful friends even after all this time. Now you can get to know them too!

I also found out just today that another girl from church has a blog. We have a pretty "bloggy" church, but this one slipped by me somehow. She seems to post every day, which is way better than I can say. And she reads a lot. I think some of you will really dig it! Here's Lori's link.

After Bailey's, George and I went to Barnes and Noble for a spell. I picked up a Real Simple and found these websites that seem kind of fun. The first one is a search engine that tells how many people in the US have your name. Kind of boring for us Edemas, there were none. But there were 14 Abby Hawkinses. Absolutely no Elspeths or Amabels, but it also said no George Edemas and George is named for his grandfather who is still living. There are 15,148 Augustines. I was kind of surprised by that! Search to see how unusual your name is, or the name you are thinking of for a baby, here. There is also this website, which I just know about for some reason and think I may have mentioned before, that is done by Social Security; but it only has record of the top 1000 names in any given year. It does go back to the year 1880 so that's fun.

I also found this in Real Simple: Self explanatory and mildly entertaining.

I also have the link for Bailey's Chocolate Bar, where we dined this evening. You can actually download a menu. I had "Chocolate Inebriation." Sure I did! What else would I have had?! I have to say, it was a ten. Mmmmmm...

And Joe's New Balance Outlet. You need that. They even have extra wides!

And I found some interesting links in my whole "It's Fall Y'all" fixation. Nothing turned up that helps my front door, but I did find some cute-ish looking blogs. I may decide I hate them later. I haven't read any of the text on this one, I just like the pictures. But yeah, it is a "pretty life." She seems to be fairly preoccupied with stuff. And also, with her dog. Yuck. Why am I even putting up the link? Because I like the pictures. Oh, and it plays music while you look. Old 40s kind of music. It makes me think of Nannie. It's called Daisy Cottage. I'm sort of embarrassed, but I wrote out my disclaimers. There's another that has some nice pictures, I guess, though not quite my aesthetic. I mostly was intrigued by the Jane Austen heroine quiz in the sidebar. Y'all know I love a good quiz. The last question was one I couldn't decide one. I got a different answer every time by picking between three answers, Marianne Dashwood, Emma Woodhouse, or Elizabeth Bennett. In the end, it's kind of a lame quiz. But I like the way the results look when you post them. I couldn't very well post three though, could I? I think I'm more of a Marianne than anything else; the quiz is not really very well done. Anyway, credit to this other blog that led me to the quiz.

Speaking of quizzes, I like the one Jandy has up right now about right brain vs. left brain. I didn't know which was which and got results that were very lopsided. So I did a little research and took a couple more quizzes. It is true; I am lopsidedly right brained. Oh well.


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I'm more of a left brainer. Interesting!

lauren said...

i'm so glad you had fun on your date. i think bailey's is one of my most favorite places ever! we went there for a bachelorette party a couple of years ago and it was so wonderful. we sat outside in the "backyard" on picnic tables with tiki torches around us and ate warm cookies and milk!

thank you for the shoe link! ellie is begging me for light up character shoes, so maybe i can distract her with some new balance light up shoes! ;)

Jandy said...

Heh, I came out balanced on that one, too, even though I thought I was picking mostly right-brain answers. But most of those questions I would've answered "both" or "sometimes one or the other." Heh, I even like to sit roughly in the middle of the room (I thought for about ten minutes over that first question, about which side of an auditorium you like to sit on--trying to remember where I sat in each one of my classes...that might've been a little obsessive).

george said...

Jandy, that one took me a while to answer too.

Renae said...

Hey! Look what I found:

Happy Fall Y'all sign

This e-bay store is in my "favorites"... I've bought a few signs from there and loved them all.

Abby said...

Thanks Renae!

Jandy, I thought the catch with that question was that it said "when no other factors are involved" and for me there is always the factor of arriving late that is involved- meaning that I am not so sure I sit where I would with limitless choice; I sit where there's a seat left! In the end, I decided that my first inclination is to look leftward and that in all three sanctuaries of my churches in adulthood, the church doors were in the middle rear of the room and I always sat on the left. Not sure if that was a right or left brained answer though.

Olive said...

Thanks for the links! I was playing around and looked are 1920 and the top 500 names. There are the craziest names on there!

For example, (and these are all girl names):

#458 Vida
#495 Vada
#496 Veda

#446 Queen

#434 Marjory
a common misspelling, or on purpose?

#433 Rubye

#361 Gussie

#258 Nannie

#476 William
#395 John
#224 Johnnie
#378 Eddie
#334 Jimmie
maybe b/c of their dads? but, really, those "boy" names for a girl?

Thanks for the fun! :) And why do't you have a Real Simple subscription? I'd totally have thought that was your kind of magazine!

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