Thursday, October 11, 2007

The One Question Quiz

I tried to write a post about a book I am reading and the whole thing feels like I am trying to write in a foreign language. Am I really that tired? Tired, yes. And overwhelmed too. I'm learning about myself. (Hence the obsession with quizzes lately!) George is in a class right now that is supposed to help him hash out what type of ministry to go into. It really delves into both pastoral personality type and church personality type. He comes home with all these cool insights and I am getting to learn about him but not much about myself. I'm not the one going into ministry, really. But I also sort of am. We're a package deal, George and Abby. So I've been reading a little Dan Allender. Because I do so enjoy Dan Allender. Except that he prompts you to deal with tangles. And ugh, tangles! The book is called To Be Told, and you think about the events of your life and who you are and the choices you've made to sort of see what God has been doing and get an idea of where He is leading you- the "story" God is writing with your life. Kind of helpful when you are in the midst of trying to relocate and start a whole new career and ministry with your husband. But the tangles!

Anyway, he was talking about seeing the common thread in the way people describe you. He says there will always be things that contradict because we're complex and human and even sinful, but there are probably some general qualities(both good and bad) you would hear again and again if people were telling someone about you. He was giving an example of how he stumbled upon some of his own traits that he was unaware of when he and his wife and one of their close friends were on a road trip. His wife made up a game to pass the time, "If you were a letter of the alphabet, which letter would you be and why?" He thought it was dumb but the friend thought it would be a lot of fun. But the friend said first they should pick a letter for the other people in the car. Both Dan's wife and his friend picked the exact same letter for him and for very similar reasons. Kind of strange. So I told George the story and asked him which letter he would be and he said G for George. He didn't seem like he wanted to play. But I told him what I picked for him(and why) so he said he wanted to pick for me. While he was thinking I picked for myself. And we picked the exact same letter for very similar reasons. Any guesses what it was? And your homework is to ask your husband or your best friend or your mom or whoever what letter they pick for you. And tell me what letter you would be too, 'cause I think it's a fun game.


Patriot said...

I'll have to read Dan Allender's book. Sometimes it's so easy to see other's strengths and gifts, but seeing your own is a different story.

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george edema said...

Ha ha, you got blog spammed, or blammed as I like to call it (or splogged).

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