Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Smocktober and Sewvember

You laugh at my headline, but that is a name George gave October a few years back when I made six dresses for Amabel in one month. (Gone are the days of having just one child who takes two naps a day!) Things have a changed a little, you might say, and so I don't quite have the time to do as much as I like. I haven't even had too much of a chance just to explore these sites with sewing ideas, much less put them into practice! But I found these links on my friend Renae's blog today and I just had to make a note of them so I will go back and look more closely sometime soon. The first is of this lady taking an Old Navy sweater she found at a thrift store for $4.99 and turning it into a little outfit for her baby. It shows step by step exactly how to measure, cut, pin, and sew! I mean, I am really excited to get just a teency taste of pattern making. I know it's the tip of the iceberg, but that's how I roll. I will be diving into an only slightly similar project with no other inkling of what I'm doing any day now. Meanwhile, the pumpkin appliques for Elspeth's fall Frannie are cut, but I forgot to buy orange thread, the vintage chenille continues to sit in its neat little pile of 11 inch squares (I think it's been what? two and a half? three years now?), not to mention the six cut bishop dresses I have that I am committed to pleat, smock, and sew into dresses for friends and family. Rebekah Fitts, I beg you, please have a boy! (Just kidding!) The second link appears to be a lady who makes things like the baby outfit out of the sweater all the time- aprons, shirts, dresses, pillowcase dresses, etc. Some are cute. Some are not. But again, I only looked for a second. Speaking of pillowcase dresses, my friend Jennie sent me this link to show me what a friend of ours from high school is up to. I cannot believe how cute! So many great ideas for kids' clothes (if only the kids weren't in the way so I could sew for them, right?). Well, there's always the grandkids- I'll sew when I'm old!


Fittsy said...

The cashier at Home Depot told me, with NO uncertainty (and no prompting), that I was having a boy. So maybe so??

Love all the links. I love reading tutorials - as sewing blogs are a favorite. I'm sad that I haven't made Libby a Frannie. Maybe I can enlarge the 24 months for next summer? I can't believe you sew as much as you do - amazing!

Wrights said...

i love your title! i learned how to smock last summer and loved it...made one dress and then found out we were having olivia and i haven't made a thing since. i'm like you, maybe i'll sew when i have grandkids. you have made lots though--i'm impressed! i loved katie's site--such cute stuff and i even think i could make some of it...if there was time!

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

If you want an easy project, try a pillow case dress. I am no where near the experienced seamstress that I imagine you are, but even I made one that turned out nicely. And it only took an hour and a half, which is not bad for me!

Fittsy said...

The Chocolate Pumpkin cake is super yummy! It reminds me so much of my Aunt Ella Mae's Devil's Food Cake, a spice cake more than the traditional Devil's, and one of my all time favorite desserts. I made a cream cheese frosting and topped my cup cakes with candy corn, though I think Aunt El's caramel icing would be superb! Thanks again for sharing.


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