Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hullabaloo I Can Handle

So it's been a great week already, and we haven't even gotten to feast yet! We did have a small Thanksgiving feast at Amabel's school today. It was actually pretty big- turkey, dressing, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, various desserts. There was a little program beforehand that the kids did a great job on and then the moms all brought side dishes for the meal afterward. And a local PCA church provided (so much) turkey! This church has been so generous to our school this year. They have provided hot lunches for all of the kids several times already. The school itself is an amazing place. It is a ministry of a very diverse local PCA church and accordingly there is a lot of racial and socioeconomic diversity in the school. It is mostly a mission to the urban poor, immigrants, and refugees. And it is wonderful to see our children growing up knowing all different kinds of people. I definitely grew up in a white, Protestant, upper middle class bubble. I was really naive and ignorant about any other culture because I assumed the whole world was like me- my whole world was. I am so grateful that my children are daily in a place "committed to a racially and culturally diverse educational environment where both Christian and non-Christian young people from a diversity of backgrounds can obtain a quality education together under the grace of Jesus Christ and the authority of the Scriptures." (That perfect little quote is borrowed from the school's website.)

I was so proud too, because (and you will not believe this) we had the second dish on the table and we were in the first row for families because we were like the second or third family to get there! So, by 10:45 this morning, I had a fully dressed family, hot cornbread dressing in a Pyrex portables with a hot pack, three teacher goody bags, a full sippy cup for a baby with a dry diaper, and was on my way to the program (which is only a mile from our house and started at 11am)! I know, it's like I have turned into someone else! And George's mom and sister and brother, the people who (other than my dad) are most annoyed by my consistent tardiness, were all there to congratulate me. Oh, but I got there first!

Rebekah has a picture on her blog, but we made the same little turkey cookies for our teachers. August and I made the dough and put it in the refrigerator a couple of days back. I cut the cookies last night and had the icing ready to go, so all we had to do was assemble everything this morning. August did a great job making turkey tails for me! I also made Martha Stewart's pumpkin swirl brownies for the teachers last night, but I am sort of disappointed in them (leaving a link just in case, but don't say I didn't warn you. And if you do risk it, reduce the amount of cayenne pepper for your own sake!). And I made the cornbread, cut up all my celery and onions, and put a chicken in the crock-pot last night too so that all I had to do was break up the cornbread, add spices and chopped vegetables, and pour the chicken stock from the crock-pot into my dressing, bake it, and go! Can you believe all my planny-ness?! Plus, now I have a fully cooked chicken I can make a pot pie or a casserole with for supper tonight. I'm not so excited about either of those, but they'll work. Anybody have any good ideas for what else to do with cooked chicken that isn't grilled? (Remember, just say no to Campbell's cream of soups.)

I did finally make it to the grocery. I suppose that is obvious or how else would I have made so much food? Even the grocery store was such a delightful experience! I felt like I was in that scene at Zabar's in You've Got Mail- only no annoying people saying "get in another line, lady!" It was packed with shoppers and all the shelves were practically overflowing and people were so amazingly friendly and excited. I let Elspeth and August have some free cookies from the bakery and they both picked double chocolate. So they were quite the spectacles with chocolate all over their faces (Elspeth especially). In every aisle we went down, there was someone else who thought they were the funniest thing they had seen all day. I mean, holidays can be stressful and grocery shopping can be really stressful so I think we provided a little comic relief for everyone. And you know me, my favorite thing is to chat it up with strangers so I was having a ball.

Now all that is left is sweet potato casserole and chocolate chip pecan pie for tomorrow. I would be sad, but I know this is the very beginning of a whole season of this, so I am just getting warmed up! Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!


Wrights said...

I think I am your blog stalker, Abby! I always check when I am on the computer and I am so excited when my friends have new posts. And having my own blog makes me want to comment because I know how exciting it is to get comments (only for you, it is probably not so exciting because it's me again!!!) Anyway, I just want to say that you don't give yourself enough credit. You are so good about cooking everything from scratch all the time and doing cooking activities with your kids. Not many moms (especially not moms of THREE) can say that they have made lots of food today already from scratch AND made food for other people. I am impressed! I hope y'all have a very Happy day tomorrow. I think I am probably the last person on the planet still checking e-mail today. We have an hour to kill until Nathaniel gets off work so we can leave for our trip. Olivia is asleep and I plopped Anna Walton in front of Curious George because I am so tired from packing. O.k. enough of my rambling. Just wanted to say I am impressed with your cooking! Oh and a good recipe that we like with chicken that's not grilled or with soups is to get crescent rolls (canned) and mix together the chicken (shredded or cut up), 4oz. of cream cheese, 2T butter and salt and pepper. Then put them in the raw crescent rolls (one triangle on top and one on bottom of the mixture then pinch the edges together) and bake per package instructions. It's what I do when we are almost out of food for the week sometimes and they really are yummy (not so healthy though!) O.k. really I am going--world's longest comment:)

RHB said...

Way to go being on time. I am still working on that myself. And I am so impressed by your "plannyness" with having all of your food, goody bags and children ready. What time did you have to get up to make all of that happen? Happy Thanksgiving! We are celebrating today. I am thankful to have Mama here to help with babies and to cook the dressing. Tomorrow we all have to be on time to church as CG is getting dedicated. I'll let you know if that happens oor not. :) Love you!

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