Thursday, November 15, 2007

Really Ridiculous Post About My Inexplicable Desire for Designer Children's Sleepwear

Thanksgiving is just one week away! And Christmas is in less than six weeks. Kind of a bad time to get back into blogging huh? I have been wondering if just showing everyone all the stops I make on the internet would be an interesting post as it is all I seem to be doing. It wouldn't be though. Well, I'm rushing around town too, but unless you live in St. Louis you would have no idea where I was talking about. Mostly I am just going to, Borders, and Barnes and Noble. Throw in the monogram store, Target, Williams Sonoma and Sur la Table, and a handful of grocery stores, and that's pretty much my life. And still, not an interesting post by any stretch. I'm not a one trick pony, but I only have a very few tricks- books, cooks' stuffs, and monogrammed things. And then there's this one other search that has occupied an absurd amount of my time. It seems only fair that it get its very own post -also probably not a very interesting post idea, but here it goes anyway.

Let me begin by saying that Amabel has only one pair of pajamas that fits her right now and that she has requested that I buy night gowns from now on instead of pajamas. Even so, I have been slightly ashamed of myself for the rather pricey Christmas nightgowns I have been coveting since this summer. I had managed to get them off my mind until I saw the cutest Christmas train pajamas for August that matched them perfectly. The pajamas were at Gymboree, but the stuff they have for girls does not match or coordinate at all. What kind of Christmas cards do these people think we're aiming for?! Some sort of hodgepodge, mismatched kaleidoscope of colors and prints? Well, they clearly don't know who they're dealing with. I am actually a little surprised as it was Gymboree, the store that seems to thrive on the idea that all little girls should have a shirt that matches a jumper that matches some leggings that match a purse that matches a sweater that matches a hair tie that matches some panties that matches some shoes that matches five other outfits just as busy and accessorized as the first and in the exact same color so that only you really know the difference. And yet, they don't have nightgowns that coordinate with pajamas? Strange, don't you think? Anyway, so then the problem was not that I had already found the cutest Christmas nightgowns in the world to match the really cute train pajamas. Because that's not a problem. The adorable Christmas card pictures I could soon be taking of my children dressed in their coordinating sleepwear, also not a problem. The problem was the price tag of just one, not to mention three, pieces of the sought after seasonal sleepwear.

So my search for reasonably priced coordinating Christmas-y sleepwear began. I have now scoured the internet for nightgowns, which let me tell ya are a dying article of clothing, and I have to say the ones I wanted in the first place were really not such a bad price after all. They were actually a pretty good price, considering. Now, I can justify a lot with two daughters as buying for Amabel is usually buying for Elspeth too (only five years early!). The flaw in that thinking (besides the storing things for five years) is that things get worn out so easily once your kids are school aged. Nightgowns don't go to school though, and I found some great ones on Crazy Eight's website.

Do y'all know about Crazy Eight? It is Gymboree's lower end store (like Old Navy is Gap's lower end store and Janie and Jack is Gymboree's higher end store). Anyway, because they're new, they're offering free shipping right now (or they were last week, not sure whether they still are). Anyway, I ordered two gowns and am really pleased with the quality. I am even more pleased with the price as two gowns cost what one costs at Gymboree. But alas, they didn't have very Christmas-y looking ones. I mean, I was just glad to find cute night gowns! They are really hard to find, and nearly impossible to find for less than $30. People think I make Amabel wear dresses and bows, but it is simply not the case, and the nightgown idea is all her.

In the end, as has been the case with 95% of the clothes in my children's closets, it was my mom who said she wanted to get them some Christmas pajamas as she had bought all the other grandkids Christmas pajamas. I told her it had to be night gowns and she is all on board with that. So coming soon to a mailbox near me, two of the cutest Christmas night gowns ever. Coming soon after to a mailbox near you, the annual Edema Christmas card with coordinating Edema sleepwear.

It is silly isn't it? I know, it is. Absolutely. These are the things that make me feel like I have no business being in ministry because I am shallow and greedy. On the other hand, these are the things, strange little things like really wanting matching Christmas clothes while the kids are young and still like to match, that make me me. And I am sure a lot of you have some things that you want to be extra special too, even if the cost is a little on the insensible side. I will make much more of these decisions when it is my money to decide whether or not to be spending, but it is a lot easier to weigh need vs. want when someone else is offering exactly what you want as a gift! I learned a long time ago that when you say no to an offer you don't get a check for what it would've cost, you just don't get anything. So, boutique Christmas sleepwear or nothing? Not such a hard decision after all!


Wrights said...

I hear ya! Cute p.j's are really hard to find and we haven't even started looking for gowns yet. I am not really into characters and it seems like they all have Dora or Sponge Bob or something on them or else something awful like Bratz (what are they anyway?!) Can't wait to see the cute ones from your mom!

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

You are so funny. I like new Christmas pjs, too. But this year the budget might be too tight! We'll see!

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