Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Stroll Through Abby's Thoughts

I keep working on this really difficult post about the Gospel and adoption into God's family and all these deep ponderings, but it is just whoa. I mean, I can't focus that long and hard to write the post so I am guessing it would be pretty overwhelming to read as well. So this is not that post. I wish I had a nickel for all the posts I write and don't put up. But I am moving away from not posting because I am afraid, so that is good. I am just not posting this one because I can't get it all out. I need to write a book. Ha! Just kidding. But it (the post that is not being posted) would be way too long and there are too many tangents.

It is a good day to write though, one of these overcast cold fall days that make me wish oh wish I had a fireplace. Of course we used to have a fireplace and I hated that house. But this house, er um tiny two bedroom apartment, is nice and cozy and I like it a lot. And I always want to make hot chocolate and curl up with a quilt and look at decorating magazines. And then there is a sound like a record scratching where I realize that there are a lot of calories in cocoa and magazines are $4 a piece. Boo. And it's really only during October, November, and December that this mood strikes me, so it's totally not worth having a bunch of subscriptions all year because who has time to read them. And I think I truly believe that, at least when it comes to the same magazine, there is nothing new under the sun. I quit a lot of old subscriptions because they were so tired. My dad maintains my subscription to Southern Living for me, but I have to say that almost every month I am pretty grumpy about how blah it is. I love the gems I find in there every now and then- a great recipe or decorating idea, a tip on a fun place to visit or eat in a city I will actually probably visit someday, a write up about a particularly interesting plant, or a fun little comment or column about the South. But generally speaking, I have had enough of recipes involving Campbell's cream of gross soups or Velveeta, obvious and overdone decorating ideas like tiling everything from table tops to tea trays to flower pots, or articles about Bed and Breakfasts that cost $300 a night! Well, if I had a stack of magazines, here's what I would have:

Cooks' Illustrated- okay, so we all know I do have a subscription to this one. I love it!
Cottage Living
- actually I just renewed my subscription after a few months of not getting it so I hope to get my first issue soon. It is done by the Southern Living people only it is closer to things I am really interested in. "*Gasp* She's not interested in the South?!" That is another post. But yes, I am still interested in the South. Perhaps just not as exclusively as I used to be, and definitely not every aspect of the South.
Country Living- I quit this subscription because it was just the same thing again and again, but I love to see what they do from October to December, the best part of the year!
Country Home- same deal as Country Living, only I never had a subscription I don't think.
Martha Stewart Living- okay, right around when she went to prison, they went way down hill. I had had a subscription for four or five years, but this sudden decline was ridiculous. They were recycling old photos even so that you had literally seen it all before. I was particularly miffed about the Christmas issue which didn't have a single original idea in it from what I could see. I just picked up this year's Christmas issue at the grocery and have been determined to save it until after Thanksgiving. I am concerned though that it will be a huge disappointment again and I should not let my expectations build up any longer.
Creative Needle- maybe? I enjoy this one when I come across it at Barnes and Noble. Lots of darling sewing ideas for kids' clothes! No way I could keep up with all the projects though.
Australian Smocking and Embroidery- another that there is no way I could stay with. But such pretty ideas!

Anyway, any of you have any additional recommendations? I am not in the market to subscribe, but I do enjoy lingering at Barnes and Noble some nights just sipping on coffee and flipping through all the pretty pictures this time of year. Has anyone looked at Blueprint before? It was on the Martha Stewart website. What's that all about? I haven't seen that one. I know there are other kinds of decorating magazines, but I have found my style in the sort of "country cottage look," which is pretty embarrassing because as a child of the eighties I totally remember the whole goose, faux cross-stitch, little hearts cut out of wood, dried flower wreaths decor that that name connotes! My mom totally had that. Alternatively the sort of stuff I like is called "shabby chic" which is even worse because it is actually a brand name and a term that sort of makes you want to punch the person who throws it around, "Oh, that is so shabby chic!" " I just love to decorate shabby chic!" POW!

And perhaps you all want to punch me now. Because what a boring post! I think I will go look at that Martha Stewart Living now. And what's a few calories on a chilly Sunday afternoon? Here's a compromise: hold the marshmallows. Although, wait a second, I just remembered I have some whipped cream already made in the fridge. Mmmm, whipped cream. Well, maybe I can work in an extra mile tomorrow morning...


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about Southern Living, Abby. About Blueprint, I got a sample issue and really liked it. Kind of like Real Simple -- but I liked it better. I actually think that I might occasionally buy an issue at the store. We do get subscriptions to Dwell and Metropolitan. But that is just because Jon and I are design junkies.

Jessie said...

I agree about Southern Living, totally, I still get my subscription and I think want to continue, but suspect its mainly for sentimental reasons....

Blueprint is MSLivings answer to Real Simple. Only for way richer people. You'd like it, but be unable to afford anything (like me :))

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the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Look at this lady's open house (a few posts down from the top) at Sounds like your style. I think her house is ADORABLE! Love your magazine choices. I wish we had a chocolate and magazine section in our budget, too. Magazines are getting more and more expensive. I can only afford to buy them at the store when we are going on a vacation. Yikes! 5-7 dollars each!

abby said...

Okay, how funny. Is she a friend of yours? We have the exact same red armoire and the same crib. And we used to have her same couch too, but now we have one with blue ticking because the old one is trashed (remember when we got that old one? we had no furniture and y'all offered us all the old stuff you were replacing but we couldn't figure out how to get it from one city to the other?! y'all were so generous, i will never forget!)anyway, i can't imagine my home ever being as pulled together as hers and i have lots of "distressed" items mixed in (everything has paint chipping and my dad always says to my mom maybe they should help me get something refinished and she's always having to explain to him that I LIKE things like that! I don't think he gets it, but a lot of people don't), but I really like her pictures. Thanks for the link, it was like a magazine for free! :)

lauren said...

where is Real Simple in that list??? ;)

i gave up on SL also. i think they are writing to a generation about 25 years older than us.

you have almost convinced me to sub. to cook's illustrated, but it's the only one i can't get for cheap on ebay!

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