Sunday, December 16, 2007

Somebody's Gotta Be That Guy

That was George's encouragement to a friend of ours tonight. I thought it was hilarious. And so true of me too. First off though, I hereby promise that I am going to change the colors around soon. I just want to get my wreath and poinsettia pictures up. I am hoping to take some in the morning while the snow is still unmelted. We got a little over five inches of snow here yesterday. It is beautiful! And the nice thing about being up North, yes there is something nice about being up North, is that they have the salt trucks and the plows to make things nice and safe in the snow. On the way to church this morning, we traveled some unplowed roads that were a little scary, but nothing like my parents' neighborhood in Nashville where the streets might as well be sheets of ice for days after a snowfall because of the shade and the light traffic. I so sound like a grandma talking about weather and road conditions. Someone get me a life!

Well, I just wanted to have something for y'all to read on a chilly Monday morning. Only I reckon no one will be at their computers but more like me- on your way to exchange that somehow dysfunctional gift or buy the extra box of Christmas cards you totally should've known you would need or to the monogram store because they overcharged you. No? Just me? Am I really the only one who bought a picture frame for the grandparents only to get home and put the picture in it and have the entire back fall off? Or the only one to somehow figure on their boxes of Christmas cards having 16 cards in them after spending at least 45 minutes picking them out when they clearly say 12 cards in more than one place on each of the five boxes purchased? And is it possible I'm the only one who had two loveys monogrammed and was charged for the loveys in addition to the monogramming when the loveys were actually purchased at a different store altogether but not to realize it because I had so many things being monogrammed I actually thought, "well, $70, okay that seems a little high..."? You're not telling me no one else assumed that leotards were sized similarly to clothes and bought the wrong size ballet stuff and had to go back across town to return it in the pouring down snow? Seriously, these things are happening to me all over the place this Christmas. I seem to be doing everything wrong or catching some sort of snag in nearly every endeavor! And yet, as long as I get it all done, I'm fine. I'm just "that guy" that has to go to every shopping spot at least twice to get it right!

I think I have learned not to plan ahead though. What's that you say? You think this should teach me to plan further ahead? No. See, that's what got me into this mess in the first place. Way too much planning. If I had just winged it, the way my gut is always telling me, I wouldn't have gone to any of these stores yet and therefore would not be driving back to all of them to correct the mistakes that were made the first time weeks and weeks ago. I am sure what you are thinking is that I would just be making the first mistakes this week and then I would not have time to go back and correct them. But I am not so sure. Because with pressure comes that extra clarity, that extra presence of mind, maybe even adrenaline, that guarantees that things are going to go well. If you don't believe me, ask my old college roommates. Nary a paper was started before the night before it was due. And I got a 2.67 GPA. Wait. Okay, so that doesn't help my case. But I was an excellent writer and wrote pretty good papers at 3am, especially for papers written at 3am. The extremely embarrassing GPA comes from listening to my dad as he entreated me to take computer classes, skipping a few too many of Dr. Kicklighter's (and everyone else's, really) classes, and any class taken in Cary Hall (aka the Biology building). Alright, so maybe the moral is something like "once a slacker always a slacker." I don't know, I just know I gotta get to bed so I can rerun all my errands tomorrow. Oh, I also bought way too much wrapping paper. Anyone want some for free? What are all of y'all up to this last week before Christmas?


george edema said...

Here is a link to the what I was referring to
August is in there too.

Wrights said...

Abby-I love your writing! You always make me laugh! Happy re-shopping! I feel the same way a lot of the time. I just can't ever get ahead and it seems like if I just pull everything off at the last minute it seems to work better. Oh well! Hope you are enjoying all your snow!

RHB said...

Well, today I have been up to:

Baking, Christmas cards too, online shopping, showing up for imaginary Christmas parties, washing poopy onesies, and yes- it's time for bed...and the Christmas cards still aren't finished, nor the baking, I think I am finished with the shopping online (sorry for all of the unwrapped Amazon gifts coming your way, I hate it when people send unwrapped gifts, but I am just glad that they should arrive before Christmas)

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