Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back On Track... More or Less

So I guess I just gave up and now there are piles of things all over the place and just general disarray. Well, I mean, that's how it always is around here. It's just that sometimes I want that to change. But like I explained, so much gets in the way of that. Children. Tasks. Schedules. You know. But both dryer and cold water have been fixed today! So maybe I can start back on all my cleaning and straightening tomorrow. Today was full with driving for a field trip and the beginnings of another snowfall. I guess usually, as far as one's day goes, snow is neither here nor there, but I have been looking for a good coat for Aug to wear in the snow for a while and he just grew out of his mittens. And Elspeth doesn't have any mittens to begin with. I had been casually looking because really, I have been surprised how little there is in the stores with two cold months still ahead (three really since when I started shopping the week after Christmas). So as the snow came down there was no avoiding it, I had to go shopping in the snow so that tomorrow, after we accumulate anywhere from 3 to 12 inches (I guess it just depends on who you ask. I don't suppose meteorology is an exact science), my children can go playing in the snow. The shopping went well though. I got August a coat for $10 and two pairs of pants for $4 a piece. Where? Oh, Old Navy. I do so enjoy the prices at Old Navy. But everything is pretty picked over. And I had looked at two other Old Navy stores previously with no success. So don't rush out to Old Navy, but if you're in the area, good prices await on the few winter items that remain. Anyway, think of all the problems solved today! Pants with holes? How about two pairs for eight dollars? No cold water? How about some this afternoon? Broken dryer? Maybe you husband can break off the broken part and replace it! So, all in all, a pretty good day. And certainly a much better day than the one before it.

Plus (and you thought I wouldn't mention it!), Lost is back on! Very exciting! And frustrating. 'Cause see, I'm still not really ready for Charlie to be dead. And every episode really just raises more questions and doesn't answer hardly any, if any at all. But it's back on. And we're closer to knowing something.

Anything else? Nope. Just field trip, shopping, Lost. That was my day. It seems like there should be something with more significance in there. But I guess the mittens matter. And field trips are good. I don't know; it's too late for perspective. I'll have perspective with coffee tomorrow, preferably coffee drunk whilst wearing my fluffy pink robe and my blue woolly slippers around eight thirty, and not coffee drunk in haste whilst driving carpool and trying to make my morning pizza meeting (Dear God, save me from ever being involved in a fiasco like this pizza pandemonium again!) at well, let's face it, probably also eight thirty- but dressed, cranky about being late and cold, and tired because I'm still up blogging at 11:45. In other words, our household has high hopes for a snow day!


RHB said...

So glad that you had a better day! Gkad you found some fun winterwear for the kids too. I keep wondering weather to buy snow boots for SA as we still haven't had any snow here.

Abby said...

yeah, i always have this dilemma. momma bought a&a both snow boots last year because we needed them the year before and didn't have them, but then they never wore them. so I never know either! we don't have them this year since we didn't wear them last year, but cowboy boots and galoshes aren't really the best substitutes, we've learned :) i think the best idea is to buy less expensive ones, leave the tags on, and consign them if you don't wear them. then your loss is somewhat slight, but you are prepared. then again, i feel really bad about the pairs we never wore from last year and they cam from target. another one of those gambles!

Lori Shaffer said...

Way to drop a spoiler for Lost! I always wait until the end of the season and rent the DVD set to watch them all at once. Partly because I don't remember (or really don't have time) to watch during the week, but also the slow pace frustrates me. I'm gonna just try to erase that little bit of info about Charlie from my pea-brain!!

Abby said...

oh sorry, lori. but i guess i thought i was safe since he died last season. again, sorry.

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