Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Captain O.G. Readmore was a cat...

Not a mom. I have been looking at other people's blogs and I have decided something. I am a really boring person. Pretty Boring for a Girl! I want to be interesting, but I am just not. Maybe in another season of life? Maybe when I am not spending all my time running errands, taking care of toddlers, and mopping and ironing and all the other constant chores associated with a family of five. But why not now? I keep thinking I have a short attention span. But I don't. I just have short little snippets of time that I can actually do anything with. And nothing ever gets my undivided attention. Because even if the kids are in bed, I am probably scurrying around trying to clean up the kitchen, make lunches for school tomorrow, and sort/run/fold one last load of laundry. Or maybe get in an extra set of crunches or push ups. Yes, I know, you are all laughing at the mental image of Abby doing pushups. Well, just so you know, despite my chubby exterior, I have a very muscular interior, so there. I have not always been chubby and I will not always be chubby. Same as the boring thing. One day, I will again be a fairly interesting fairly normal sized person. But for now, I really should read more or listen to music or something. I think that is my (appropriately) late New Year's resolution. Let's see, what was it last year? I have no record. I do remember that Annie had some and I must have sort of loosely held to hers because they have stuck with me. Uh oh, time to embarrass you, Annie. Except you probably aren't embarrassed, but did you keep them?

1. Read more. Keep a list of what I read/want to read.
2. Walk more. This will involve getting a replacement for my hobo stroller.
3. Learn something new (hopefully this will be Latin over the summer with #2).
4. Sell stuff that I don't want/need anymore.
5. Keep sewing clothing for myself. Goal: skirts and dresses for summer.
6. Bake more bread.
7. Figure out what I want to do when I grow up.
8. (Added after he jumped up on me while I was typing this...)Yell at the dog less.

I modified these to sewing for my children more, baking bread in the the first place, and yelling at the people in my home less as I have no dog, and well, I do yell quite a lot. I can say that I did honestly read more, but that is not saying much as I am horrible at staying with anything after the first chapter. I certainly walked more. I didn't really remember the whole learning something new thing. That just shows how not learning minded I am. I get the Veritas Press homeschooling newsletter and the January one was supposed to be all inspiring for the new year. The author kept saying how "learning should be the aroma of your home." Please! The aroma of my home is day old coffee and baby wipes! Anyway, I can't say that I learned anything new, but maybe I can learn two new things in 2008. Probably not though. Sewing? Yeah, not so much. I can't tell you the number of dresses I have cut and pleated. But I can tell you the number of new homemade dresses my girls wore in 2007. None. I did do a really beautiful one for a friend though. And Rebekah (Wright), I have fabric ready for your two girls. Of course, they will have outgrown them by the time I finish! And I used to just crank them out! Those weren't size seven though (not that your girls are size seven, Rebekah, but Amabel is)! But I did learn to bake bread! And I have no idea what to do when I grow up. George keeps trying to help me with that one as he is convinced I would be happier with something else to do. I mean, he is convinced because I am convinced. He is currently stuck on me writing children's books. I am currently stuck on doing something that would put me in daily contact with people. Writing is not generally one of those things. So maybe selling children's books? If I had anything to say about it, the manager of the children's section at the borders in Brentwood would be fired as she has absolutely no knowledge of children's literature whatsoever and is not really very friendly either. And then I could have her job. But I would rather live the life of Kathleen Kelly with my very own quaint and cottage-y bookstore in my own little happy section of New York City (with my own charming and cottage-y brownstone no less!). And should I really desire the demise of another woman just so I can have her job? I truly do. And I don't even care if I can have her job or not. I just want someone who has ever even read a children's book working in the children's section. That's all I ask. And as for yelling less. I'm still praying about that :)

So I guess if I can work those out more, I might actually become a more interesting person. But maybe to streamline things a bit, I really should just read more. Starting now. I have hot coffee, I have the new issue of Cottage Living. Crap. It's 4:50. I have to make dinner. This is what I'm saying. Incidentally, does anyone else remember Captain O.G. Readmore from Saturday morning cartoons? He was just one of those public service commercials like "the more you know" ones now. Well anyway, I'm going to make him proud!


Wrights said...

I hope you get to do something fun and new. I totally get what you are saying about having no time and we haven't even started going to school yet. I think it's just a season of life (or that is what I am told!) I have always wanted to work at the Shop Around the Corner too, so if you ever open it, please hire me!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is funny that you used my list. I did bake and sew. I did get a better stroller. I did read more. I didn't sell anything -- just gave it all away. And I totally didn't learn Latin or figure out what I want to do when I grow up. Maybe those should be my goals for this year? And, yelling, now I can't blame the dog for it anymore since he has departed. Oh well.
-- annie :)

vwlaura120 said...


wandered upon your blog...I concur with the fact tha tthere's never a minute and I'm not married, no kids, and no home of my own. Just way too many activities! I'll try to stop by more often, good luck with the resolutions!


Nathan Wilson said...

what does the O.G. stand for in O.G. Readmore? I can't find the answer anywhere online!

Anonymous said...

Ocean Grown

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