Monday, January 28, 2008

Dusting Off the Old College Degree

Remember how my dryer is broken? It is really annoying. It took a load of clothes almost four hours to dry today. Nice. So Craig's List, here we come. But you want to know what is more annoying than that? Masterpiece Theater's adaptation of Mansfield Park. Terrible. Truly wretched. I mean, Clueless is closer to Emma and Bridget Jones' Diary is closer to Pride and Prejudice than this rubbish was to Mansfield Park. Or at the very least they were more acceptable because they were not trying to be right on the money. And what I am so surprised about is that no one else seems to think it was that bad! There are a few bad reviews on blogs. But the LA Times and The Boston Globe thought it was fantastic. Have these people ever read a Jane Austen book? And yeah, it does sound a little arrogant for a stay at home mommy in St. Louis, Missouri with a broken dryer and a piddly BA in English from Auburn University to think she knows better than the Masterpiece Theater dudes and the Boston Globe dudes and the LA Times dudes. But so be it. I am actually having a nice little boost to my confidence right now. I mean it's not that I'm any smarter than I was a day ago, it's just that I realized how stupid all those other guys are out there! And they have good jobs. Maybe when the kids grow up, I can get me a job! I will have to stop using Southern colloquialisms though. And fragments. I do so like to employ fragments. It's as if I'm talking to you. My dear little blog world friends.

And speaking of you all, I have been really bad at checking everyone else's goings ons. I'm pretty selfish here with my jaunts down to Alabamy and my child's social crises and my broken dryer. So if you have a tracking thingamabob, don't give up on me. I'll be over shortly. That is truly priceless. Spell check recognizes thingamabob as a word. But there are so often so many other words I have to check at Merriam Webster's only to find that they are indeed words. Yet there's no problem with thingamabob. And I thought I was just making up a spelling.

Incidentally, I got this little piece of news while I was down South (post still forthcoming about the trip): My creative writing teacher from Auburn, actually my poetry writing teacher, Natasha Trethewey, won a Pulitzer Prize for her most recent poetry collection! Wow! I am really excited for her. She was really different from me as far as style goes. As in, she could actually write something that didn't sound like a nursery rhyme! But she was always really positive and energetic no matter how bad my writing was! George had more classes with her than I did actually, but really our writing classes were so small that we had great access to her. She was super helpful, and it's really cool to think that I have handwritten notes from a Pulitzer Prize winning poet, even that I studied under a Pulitzer Prize winning poet! How's that for the resume?! I bet the Boston Globe dudes and the LA Times dudes can't all say that. It sort of takes some credibility away from me though when I call people dudes though huh? Well, anyway link to find her picture (she is beautiful) and read one of her poems and links to her books and all kinds of goodies. The St. Louis County Libraries do have copies of all three of her collections, but I think I may just have to tuck a copy of Native Guard away in my Amazon shopping cart so I can actually own it.

Other things in my Amazon shopping cart right now? Two books George put in that I have never heard of ( The Good Solider Svejk and His Fortunes in the World War by Jaroslav Hasek and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, okay so I think I have heard of that one), Fables by Arnold Lobel (which has been there for almost a year so I don't think we ever will really buy it), Tale for Easter by Tasha Tudor (it's on backorder though, wah), and Let's Make a Joyful Noise:Celebrating Psalm 100 by Karma Wilson (to be released in March! Hurray!). Things on my Amazon wish list? Now that's another story. But maybe I can narrow it down to things soon to be transfered from my wish list to my shopping cart. I think the biggest new venture for me is that I am fixing to embark on an exploration of Jane Austen's shorter works. If PBS cannot satisfy me, then I shall just have to find more from Miss Austen to satisfy me. I have never read "Lady Susan," "the Watsons," "Sandition," "Lesley Castle," "Catharine" etc. And one thing is for certain, they could certainly not be as insipid (now there's a Jane Austen-ish word, though too generous in this instance) as the PBS Austen.

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