Thursday, January 03, 2008

I mean, honestly!

So today Amabel's school's copier broke. And it was imperative that we get the pizza order sheets out today because information only goes home once a week (does anyone else find this strange? when I was in 1st and 2nd grade we took home something every night). We are starting a new thing with pizza orders because thus far ordering pizza has been a complete fiasco. A fiasco that I did not design, but have been thrown into being responsible for. Because two major things are changing, the girl who has been in charge up until now is moving so I have to assume her responsibilities and lunch has turned into two periods instead of one, I finally decided to speak up and say "hey, this system does not work." So we are trying something new. Something everyone is skeptical about. Something I have now invested at least two full school days in in hopes of saving time in the future. What is my brilliant idea? Send the forms home to the parents with an envelope for money. I know, it's like I'm a genius! Just kidding, I am pretty sure the potential problems have been what has kept this from being tried in the past, not that no one thought of it before. But they will literally just have to write their child's name, check the box for cheese or pepperoni, and put the money in the envelope. But general opinion is that it is doomed to fail. Any ideas? I have no idea why this is so hard! But it turns into people wanting to write checks for the next eight weeks, split three ways between their three children who all order different amounts and flavors. I have no problem with this as long as I get an explanatory note from the parents. I do have a problem with this when a (sweet little) eight year old hands me a check and tries to explain it to me. Because, well, it's an eight year old. And if you know many eight year olds you know there are many ums and spacing out and looking around and losing track of what we are talking about. And with ten other eight year olds saying "Ma'am! Ma'am! Pizza money! Pizza money!" it is enough to make you crazy.

So I went to Kinkos with my super cute, sweet, and sick baby to put my brilliant plan into effect because the school's copier was broken. But Kinkos said they couldn't print on envelopes. I was kind of surprised by that! They said there was one place across town that does it but they can't do it same day. So strange! So I printed out little slips to staple to the school's envelopes which I hope worked out but I have no idea. And why don't I have any idea?

Well, we're driving along, driving along down I170 to Target to pick up a few things before heading back to Amabel's school. And the bridge is finished! The big scary bridge (aka "flyover ramp") that I have been watching be built for the past six months is finished. And not only that, but you can no longer go straight into Target off I170 anymore, you have to go over the big scary bridge to the Hanley exit and then take the hairpin turn onto Eager to get back over to Target. And all the signs leading up to the big scary bridge say "Eager road, left lane." But the Hanley exit is four lanes over on the right. So I am still reeling over my death defying maiden voyage over the big scary bridge and suddenly I have to get four lanes over and *KABLOOEY* either I hit a pothole on a brand new piece of highway that I never saw or my tires hate me, but my tire exploded as I was getting onto the exit ramp. I managed to flap on through the hairpin turn and into the Best Buy parking lot where three friendly business men pointed and laughed (literally) as I waited for them to cross in front of me so I could get out of the road (nice of them to wait eh?), about 200 yards (of busy road with no sidewalk in 15 degree weather) from Target (so close! yet, so far away!).

Fortunately, I had my cell phone and George was to the rescue. But after having to get August (who was home sick from school) up from a nap early who was then startled into an accident, cleaning him up and changing his clothes (with no water incidentally, because did I mention the water main in our neighborhood broke again today? again, as in this happened the week before last too), getting over to Best Buy, jacking up the car, being unable to get our spare tire out because our manual was stolen out of our car (we have habitual neighborhood thieves who steal stupid things like ice packs, car manuals, and baby bottles and well, portable DVD players too), trying his spare and realizing it wouldn't fit, loading up the carseats and the exploded tire/wheel into his car, and getting us all to Amabel's school to drop off the order forms, poor George still had to go out with the exploded wheel to get a new tire. He is back now though, and the wheel is back on the car. Now all we have to do is go back and get the van. But we can't now because I64 is closed for a year starting yesterday and traffic will be miserable.

So let's review. Things broken today:
my two youngest children's immune systems
school copier
water main
right front tire
Abby's spirit

Just kidding. About Abby's spirit. I think it was just enough chaos to make me officially lower my expectations for the day. So often things go wrong and you feel like you have to function normally in spite of them. But right now I'm thinkin', "Hey! It's ten of five and I have pizza dough rising in the oven, an couple of loads of clean laundry (so what that they still need to be folded?), clean floors, clean dishes, clean counters, and even (well, at least one) clean children. And that ain't bad.


jennifer h said...

Sounds like quite a DAY!

Re: the pizza orders--keep persevering. Schools, even young schools like yours, start doing something, and any idea of change to way things have always been done are met with skepticism. (BTW, churches and practically every other organization in the world are like this, too.) But if you keep working on it and improve the system, everyone will appreciate it. When the next chairperson comes along and tries to streamline your system, she/he will also face opposition. It is human nature.

All the best in your endeavors to be involved in your kids' school.

I hope tomorrow is better than today!

courtney said...

Have a glass of wine!

That is a day, my friend.....

Jessie said...

I did call you back - really I did! I would love to help in some way if I can, but I just decided to say no to SW on something else, so I am a loser mom already....

The Rays said...

wow. that sounds like one of the very worst days ever. and somehow you managed to end the post on a bright note. very impressive! looking forward to catching up soon.

Renae said...

You rock!

Yesterday, I was home all day, with just Lucy, while everyone else was at school or work. Yet, somehow, inexplicably, we end up shoving down 8 hot dogs on bread, because we have no buns, while standing in the kitchen, running late for housechurch which starts at 6:30. How disordered is that? What did I do all day? I have no idea.

But I saw your nice envelope with the form attached, this morning, and thought, "This must be Abby's idea... she's gotta be so sick of that *&$# pizza system." You don't seem like the type to put up with 50 kids screaming at you in the cafeteria trying to hand you pizza money.

I hope you have a better day today, with no flyover ramps!

abby said...

oh thanks everyone for the encouragement! I appreciate it. Renae, I am so glad to hear the notes actually made it home after all that!

RHB said...

what a bummer! who decided that life has to be like that sometimes?
I would go with a glass of wine as well!

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