Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting Started

Speaking of getting the Borders lady fired, I haven't let y'all in on my recent children's book finds in a while. She would not be familiar with any of the following as I ordered them all off Amazon after Borders came up with a big zero.

First, is a delightful little alphabet book for my son who is finally learning his ABC's! A Was Once and Apple Pie by Edward Lear is so cute! Lots of rhyming and silly word play, "A was once an apple pie, Pidy, tidy, widy, pidy, nice insidy, apple pie! B was once a little bear, Beary, wary, hairy, beary, taky cary, little bear!" And on it goes. Adorable!

Second is a pair of books. I found the first one around this time last year and sent it to a special baby friend who was having her first birthday. This little girl loved playing mommy to her baby dolls and I thought this book was perfect for a budding young (someday) momma to be. It is Goodnight Baby, pictured above, a little book with baby farm animals that little ones can tuck in with their corresponding mommy farm animals. The babies are attached to the spine of the book by ribbons and have a pocket in the front to put them all in between naps. Each mommy has a little pouch in her bed where the baby can snuggle down in when it's time to sleep. It is such a sweet little book. And for boys there is On the Go. I have purchased it for two young lads who I am very late at sending gifts for being born! Both boys are swiftly approaching their own first birthdays so I had to think of something a little different than the usual newborn gifts. These caught my eye on Amazon when I was ordering a few extra of Goodnight Baby. This one has vehicles of all kinds attached to ribbons and a page for each one with a spot to drive or park. The company that makes these books, IBaby, has lots of other interactive type board books also available on Amazon. They are listed on the pages I have linked under the book titles I already mentioned.

The next couple of recommendations are for Bible things. I feel I need a whole post to converse about my convictions about icons and images of Jesus, ideas that never crossed my mind as even remotely problematic until they were explained to me in no uncertain terms as being out and out wrong. I actually raised my hand and said "So what you're saying is that even like little felt board Sunday school Jesus is bad?" And I was taught that it absolutely was. Now, while I maintained (not to that guy, he was not up for much discussion) that abstract or nondescript human images like felt Sunday school Jesus or carved wooden baby Jesus are not a problem because he was in fact God in the flesh, I have since then been a little cautious about Bible story books with real detailed, photographic looking images of Jesus because of what I was taught. I may have mentioned a great little Bible story book series before by Ella K. Lindvall. These are simply told Bible stories for very young children and there are no pictures of Jesus, which I always appreciated. I have to say that I still love these book but I have lightened up a lot on other books that have images of Jesus. The very dogmatic teaching I encountered in the past has rarely been supported, at least not so strictly, since so I have eased up. I still am not crazy about Jesus being acted out, but that is because it is often done so badly, often giving us a worse understanding of Christ than we had before (and thinking thusly made it easy to concede the rest of the points made by "Elder NoIcon"). Anyway, dah dah dah dah, announcing a new Bible story book, or at least new to me, The Jesus Storybook Bible:Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones. I can't say I have read the entire thing. I have read a lot and like what I have read a lot. It is done by a lady who attends Tim Keller's church in New York City. I just glanced through the reviews on Amazon and found a glowing one by none other than Meghan Dunham, fellow seminary mom, blogger, and all around nice lady. So there you go. Good book. Have a looksee. Oh, and one guy went crazy with a (literally) 28 point bad review on it about how liberal it is and how sin and judgment are minimized etc., that it makes the Gospel sound just too appealing *gasp*! I would love to hear what any of you think about that particular review. My first reaction is to wonder whether or not that dude has any kids. Also, I wonder if he is a big John Piper fan. Oh yes, I went there!

My other Bible story book recommendation is recycled. As in I think I have mentioned it. And I know Jessie has mentioned it. It is The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm. Amabel has read this one cover to cover on her own at least eight times. She loves it. It is basically a covenantal telling of the Bible that follows God's Kingdom building from Genesis through Revelation, but in a big picture way minus a lot of details so kids can follow. I am so pleased with what Amabel has drawn from it. It is such a great foundation for how to understand the Bible, as one big continuing story and not a collection of somewhat unrelated stories (the way I always understood it as a kid).

So go read to your kids because heaven knows if you read this whole post and that one guy's review, you won't have much time to read anything more for yourself! But don't worry, I'll get to grown up reading one of these days!


amanda said...

hi Abby! I was looking for you and hoping I could find you through Rebekah's blog....I miss you! How are you? I am so sorry that i have been such a slacker lately in keeping in touch. I hope things are going well. I haven't kept in touch with Elizabeth either, so it is not just you :). I saw the countdown to graduation...yay!!!! what is your email address?

RHB said...

I love the Big Picture Story Bible too! I do love the way it keeps repeating the big picture/ theme of redemption/ God's desire to bless all the peoples of the earth with salvation!

Heather said...

These are our favorites too! I posted on the Jesus Storybook not too long ago as well. I found it last year at Easter and wanted Wyatt to grow up just so I could buy it! We got it for Christmas for him and I seriously enjoy reading it more than he does, and he loves it. Almost every page makes me cry. About minimizing sin and making the gospel appealing...not too sure about that! I almost think there is a reference to our sin and need for the gospel in every story. I read some of the old testament stories that as a child I never saw pointing to Christ and see Him so clearly being pointed out to me! I am a huge fan of the illustrations too!

Brandy said...

I love the Jesus Storybook Bible and the Big Picture Story Bible too! Great recommendations.

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