Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sundry Things

First of all, I meant to ask, did anyone make black eyed pea dip for New Year's? Billy Lee made the best black eyed pea dip in the world at the Terra Cotta cafe in Auburn. I mean, I never would've thought black eyed pea dip would be something I would just devour, but his is so good. I have this huge cookbook compiled by the faculty and students from all three RTS campuses that I got during RUF intern training at RTS Jackson. The cookbook has pretty much any recipe you can think of, so anytime I get a wild hair to make something new or wonder what in the world I can do with this or that ingredient on hand, I go to my RTS cookbook. Well, the recipe for black eyed pea dip in there is sort of nondescript. I figure it is a good base, but it needs more. So I did a little looking around on the internet, which is so overwhelming to me when it comes to looking for recipes, and came up with a few ideas. My dip was pretty good, but nothing like Billy Lee's. I am ready to scrap the whole thing if I can find a new recipe to try. Anyone have one?

Secondly, we went to get the car from the Best Buy parking lot yesterday. And you can still get off on Eager from 170. I just didn't realize it as you have to go around the concrete wall that separates you from oncoming traffic to the side with the oncoming traffic! This is perhaps, exponentially more scary than the flyover ramps for someone who nearly died in a head on collision! It is a strange design. But it was always strange to have an interstate dead end in a Target parking lot anyway.

Anyway, I finally went to Target and ended up spending thirty minutes organizing the 75% off Christmas cards. I know, what a weird thing to do. It was so therapeutic though! I started out just by looking to see what they had. And then everything was all jumbled in my way and August noticed that some of them matched. So we started putting the matching ones in piles, and it evolved from there to the point where I had some nice little displays. I have worked twice in retail situations where the store was changing locations and having a big moving sale. Things get so messy and picked over in those situations that it would drive me crazy. So I would just go over to the clearance and try to jazz it up- create outfits out of mismatched clearance separates and jazz them up with a little jewelry, or move things around so all the like colors are together even if they aren't the same style, etc. I mean, it is probably a total waste of time, especially when you are a shopper and not an employee, but I so love to get rid of a mess. Unless it's my kids' mess. Then I'm just grumpy because I know I will have three more to clean up the next time I turn around. So how nice to walk up to one big mess, and leave with nice neat shelves full of Merry Christmas 2007 cards that will never sell but at least are all together with their friends.

And lastly, there are so so many sales on winter clothes right now. I think I have mentioned the Crazy8 website before. They are Gymboree's lower priced line and they are still offering introductory free shipping. Lots of cute stuff, y'all! Well, mostly, what I am excited about is these plain turtleneck dresses for under $10. They have brown, pink, and red. And they would be so cute with a monogram! I know, George already said it, I am a monogram nut. I have recently ordered pants for Amabel off Kelly's Kids for $7 a pair too, but now I am seeing that their sales are not on their website anymore. Oh well. Not sure where else to direct you for a good deal. I saw that there was a lot on sale at Kohl's when I went for Christmas returns last week. Unfortunately this does not include waffle irons. And if you are like me there is not a Kohl's near enough to you to make it worth your time to go by unless you have to go to do returns (why does no one stick to the list? I really need a waffle iron and I really do not need PJs for my kids that don't fit and toys they already have. And how hard is it to get a gift receipt?! It's like getting the gift of errands for Christmas!). Nonetheless, they had a lot on clearance. Oh, and so does Old Navy. Happy shopping? I can't decide if it is better to buy now and "save 60%" or wait until next year when, presumably, money won't be so tight. Then again, I presume that every year and I am always wrong! It's a gamble either way! Good luck!


RHB said...

It is totally a gamble either way and what if you get the size wrong for next year? I really need to get better at this keeping clothes on my kids scenario though. I am perpetually unprepared for the weather and how fast my kids grow out of clothes! uuuugh!

Abby said...

Hey, I have been meaning to ask you about clothes for CG. Is she on a different track than SA? I have stuff I can just hang on to for you that you can have when you come if that is at all helpful. I know you said this back and forth to France stuff is a fiasco, but if it was stuff that I didn't ever need back from you, would that help? I have given most of my stuff away up until now, but do you want me to save 12-18 mos winter stuff for CG? I am happy to do it if you could use that size.

courtney said...

Love crazy 8.... I just got a bunch of things from there for little moolah!

RHB said...

I'm not sure what size she'll be next winter. I've just been through SA's 12-18 mos stuff and have been pulling out 12mos stuff thinking maybe I can use it soon. :) She is out of 6 mos already and I didn't have much 9 mos stuff for SA.

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