Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feeling a Little Insecure

I am posting a second post today because some of the comments of that other blog I linked to caught my eye and I reckoned maybe some people don't have quite the sense of humor that George and I do. Oh well. We want to please everyone, even the easily offended and those who take themselves very seriously. So I hadn't planned on another post, so what do you get? A very dull rundown of my Real Simple from today. Hurray!

Today's issue, June 2006, was not as interesting. Well, there was an article about a little community in Washington where everyone helps each other out that looked interesting, but I didn't read it because I was bouncing too much to read a six paged article. You lose your place so often it is just not worth it. The write in section was about favorite books which is really not such a good idea. If I am going to get to know you or read you blog, sure I want to know what your favorite book is. Because this adds to my knowledge about you and I can put it with everything else about you and get a better idea of who you are. Or, if I already know who you are, I can get a better idea of whether I will like the book. But random people writing in saying what their favorite book is does not make me want to run out and read it. Because every book is probably somebody's favorite book. Why would anyone write a book that didn't have the potential to be somebody's favorite? And just because it is someone's favorite doesn't make it a good book. I am sure there are loads of people who just love Absalom, Absalom!, when the rest of is know that it is truly a dreadful book. If we could even understand what it is about. Which we can't, because we have no idea who all of these people even are.

I had my iPod going though. It is really an iPod shuffle so there is no display. This means that I have no idea what I am listening to because George put all the music on it. While some of the music is great, little inside jokes like "That's How Strong My Love Is" by the Rolling Stones and some upbeat Regina Spector and REM, there are some songs that are like just playing me a lullaby. Coldplay? On a workout mix? And there was a horrible stint of like three slow Natalie Merchant songs today where I think I only burnt about twelve calories. Anyway, it is pretty good all in all, if I were just listening around the house. George is learning to take my tastes into consideration. I might need to dig up some old Will Smith or C and C Music Factory for the Y though. None of the rules of good taste in music apply when you're working out. Because there is not a whole lot of Counting Crows that makes me want to run real fast! On the other hand, when was the last time Counting Crows put a new album out? Okay, the Shins, not a whole lot of Shins making me want to run real fast. But actually, the Juno soundtrack has some good stuff on it. And evidently there is a new Jack Johnson CD, so that might be something. Not that I have it.

Anyway, what's your favorite book? Or, if that question doesn't suit ya, what should I put on my iPod? I know y'all, no one is going to say anything on this post either. "But that's okay. Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."


Jessie said...

I am personally in love with Andrew Bird.

Fittsy said...

Well, I didn't visit the site after the first post, but now that it's brewing contraversy, I headed straight over! It's HILARIOUS. Thanks for the encouragement to go and look.

Books and music: I don't think our tastes are much the same in music. (I recently discovered Iris Dement - really fabulous.) As for some books that I really enjoyed and would read again: To Kill a Mockingbird; Freckles (Stratton-Porter); all Jane Austen; and hope to soon read some E Gaskell.

Anonymous said...

hey, abby!
counting crows new double album is to be released this march i believe...finally.

Wrights said...

Do you have the Counting Crows old double Live album? It is a lot more rocky but with the same good songs (I think he might have been a little angrier that year). I think it came out when I was in high school. Good to work out to. You can probably find some on iTunes. And, not so good to work out to but good for around the house is Amos Lee. He's my favorite of the week.

Abby said...

You people with your great recommendations! I'm so excited! I have never heard of a lot of these people, but I looked up a little Andrew Bird last night and enjoyed it thoroughly! No I just have to figure out who this Amos Lee dude is and wait for the new Counting Crows. That is hilarious, "he was angrier that year." I think we may have that one now that you mention it! And Rebekah (aka Fittsy), I am pretty sure Iris Dement is the gal who sang the song on the series finale of Northern Exposure. It brought tears to our eyes, partly because we were in love with Cicely, Alaska, but I do recall she has a very interesting voice. I appreciate the reminder. Perhaps I will explore her stuff a little. And, did you know? Harper Lee was a Chi Omega! Hooty hoot! Y'all keep 'em comin'!

lauren said...

ok, lots of your readers are about to lose all respect for me, but i am with you on the workout music. i can't listen to U2 when i need to run faster. i need hip hop or rap, preferably from the high school era. and if you are on the easily offended list, don't look at my workout mix below:

tootsie roll
whoomp there it is-tag team
bust a move-young mc
jump around-house of pain
award tour-tribe called quest
brass monkey-beastie boys
intergalactic-beastie boys
sure shot-beastie boys
ghetto superstar-pras
ice ice baby-vanilla ice
rappers delight-sugar hill gang
gold digger-kanye
sexy back-justin t.
pump it-BYP
don't lie-BYP
Gone Going-BYP
hey ya-outkast

and pretty much the whole dangerous minds soundtrack.

lauren said...

btw-you did not just say C and C music factory!

i love it!

Abby said...

lauren, i love your list! i don't know a couple of those by name, but i am sure they would totally be familiar if i heard them. we took the kids bowling the other day and tootsie roll AND whoomp there it is were played while we were at the bowling alley. I was surprised by how many lyrics I still remember! fortunately, my children are too young to be embarrassed by their mom singing old hip hop in public.

jennifer h said...

Fitsy's suggestion about E Gaskell is a good one. If you like Jane Austen, you'll enjoy Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. The BBC production (available through the STL co. library) is also excellent. (I own the dvd and would lend it to you, too, but I loaned it to someone and can't remember who.)

Anonymous said...
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Abby said...

thanks jennifer! i actually own the dvd as well. i have never read the book as i was under the impression it was never finished. did gaskell write anything else? i suppose i can look that up myself.

jennifer h said...

Wives and Daughters is finished. I haven't looked into any other works by her, but I imagine there are some. She was a contemporary of Dickens, and they had some sort of professional relationship. Anyway, Happy Reading!

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