Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happenings and Hurrays

Well, we ate the stew tonight and it was so delicious! And after Heather's help with the prep order, I am starting to think maybe I will make it again- see if I can't trim a few hours off ( I did make a double recipe so there was double the chopping and double the sauteing so that was part of the reason it took so long).

In other news, August and Amabel started swimming lessons today. They are so cute with their little back floaties and their fun noodles. I will be very much relieved when they can manage themselves in water. No horror stories please; I know enough. I actually was a horror story. My mom dove in to get me off the bottom of the pool when I was Elspeth's age. She was vacuuming the pool and wouldn't have gotten to me in time had it not been for three year old Rachael alerting her. Thanks, Rach, you know, for saving my life. Of course, neither one of us actually remembers this incident. Anyway, hurray for swimming lessons.

And a big old hurray for my books from Karma Wilson arriving today! She even self addressed the envelope! And she wrote a lovely inscription inside each book. She sent her newest book, Let's Make a Joyful Noise: Celebrating Psalm 100, and her most recent of the Bear books, Bear Feels Sick. I highly recommend both! I love that she is doing books based on Scripture. It is so nice to have books other than Bible story books to use in teaching our kids. I overlook the Psalms so much myself, and as there are no stories in there really, they get overlooked by the storybook writers and the Sunday school curriculum writers as well. These are told from a child's point of view, sort of helping them make these passages their own (how they can give thanks, rejoice in each day, and offer themselves in worship). I especially love the illustrations in the Psalms series, and how they accompany her "noise" words so well in this new one. The two other books in the series are, Give Thanks to the Lord and I Will Rejoice: Celebrating Psalm 118.

If you are not familiar with the Bear books, you are really missing out. The original is Bear Snores On and it is marvelous. In this first story, Bear and his friends all meet on a cold, snowy night. Each of the following four books is a tale of these same friends working together, sharing, and caring for one another, all done in the most charming rhyme with artful alliteration and snappy onomatopoeia. See what I did there? I made "artful alliteration" an example of alliteration and used onomatopoeia to describe her use of onomatopoeia! (Okay, so it was a stretch; it's ten o'clock at night! I'm half asleep!) Anyway, the Bear books are fantastic: Bear Snores On, Bear Wants More, Bear Stays Up For Christmas, Bear's New Friend, and Bear Feels Sick, the newest one which we received today, in which Bear's friends take very good care of him while he is sick. So two new treasures for our library. Y'all go see what all the fuss is about! Her word choice is delightful, her craft is enviable, her characters are endearing, and her stories are darling. I have yet to find a Karma Wilson book I didn't like.


Wrights said...

Oh! I LOVE the Bear books! I used to read them to my two year olds when I was teaching preschool. I knew I recognized Karma Wilson's name when you wrote about her awhile back but I could not place her (I am horrible with remembering who wrote what!) Anyway, I will have to check out her new books. Glad your stew turned out well:)

RHB said...

sure! anytime!

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