Thursday, February 07, 2008

An Interesting Site

I have been up since 4am. Don't know why. That's just when I woke up from a dream and never could get back to sleep. It's no fun, you know, not being able to get back to sleep. I lay there for a while thinking of all the things I could be doing, writing letters in my head and having discussions in my head with evidently, very predictable people. And then when my stomach started rumbling I remembered that I didn't eat much for supper. So I got up and had a bowl of cereal and remembered that I needed to make Amabel's lunch. One thing turned into another and now, three hours later, I am boring y'all with the story. I have been meaning to bring up this website for a while. It is a book website that my friend Courtney emailed me about after the last time I wrote a post about children's books. I have been trying to get it updated with all my favorite children's books so I could have it linked to my blog. But that may take forever. While I am not totally crazy about the site, I am trying to press on because I think it is such a great idea. You have an account, a bookshelf really, and you customize your shelf and make booky friends with people who read the same things you do. It has like every book in the world, and you pick the ones you like or own and put them on your shelf and review them, recommend them, whatever. Great idea, right? Totally. They have pictures of the covers of the books and you can select even down to what edition you have. But see, that's where it gets laborious. A lot of times it will list the hardcover (and I think anything besides hardcover in children's books is just throwing money away because they get torn up) but it won't have a picture of the hardcover. So that's fine, I just use the picture from the paperback. But then there will be like three different pictures of the paperback, a picture of an audio cassette, sometimes even note cards or other novelty items. It is confusing. And if you do a search even as specific as "Two Little Trains Margaret Wise Brown," you get like 100 results, the first of which is not Two Little Trains by Margaret Wise Brown. So while I love the idea, I find the site itself a little frustrating. I may never get my shelf in working order to have on my blog. But it is a cool idea. The site is called Shelfari. See what you think.


Jandy said...

I usually find that searching by ISBN on Shelfari yields better results (and the right edition!). It's weird that the basic search is so...not right. I switched to advanced search, though, and searched for your Margaret Wise Brown book by title and author, and it came right up.

I do like that Shelfari lets you choose your specific edition, but when it counts how many people have the book, it includes all editions. Several of the book-cataloging sites I've tried keep all the editions completely separate, which is stupid.

Abby said...

Jandy, I keep meaning to comment about this. I chuckled when I read your comment because I should've known you would not only be familiar with this site but with several similar ones besides. You are a wealth of knowledge on these kinds of things! I have no idea where you find stuff! Thanks for the tip on the advanced search. I am hoping that will make it easier to get everything on my shelf.

Jandy said...

Heh. You have no idea how much time I waste poking around online, reading blogs that cover new websites, etc. It's one of the reasons I have no life. ;)

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