Monday, February 04, 2008


Yes, I want you all to get a headache while reading my blog. I just get bored. The blue and red was not doing it for me anymore. If this is really hard to read, let me know. I guess I will know if I can't read my own writing. Nothing new really, I am generally known to have the worst penmanship had by any girl anywhere. I put "woman" in that sentence first, but I did not like the idea of calling myself a woman. Yuck! I think it is because I was raised that you wanted to be a "lady" and not a "woman." We were not supposed to refer to anyone as a woman unless they had somehow lost the privilege of being referred to as a lady. Or did someone just tell me that once and it stuck? Probably. Anyway, I am uncomfortable with that word, particularly when applied to myself.

There is not much to post about. But when did that ever stop me? I feel that February needs a post. After all, February now has its very own Valentine-y pink and browny blog design. Brown for chocolate, you know. What kind of chocolate do y'all like? I never understand why people don't enjoy dark chocolate. I know if it's like above 60%, it ceases to be chocolate in the sweet form we know it and gets that fruity taste, and I can see why that might not be someone's favorite thing. But I much prefer a good 58 percentish dark chocolate to milk chocolate. Except for the M&M. Did they not hit the jackpot when they came up with the M&M? I could write a poem about M&Ms. But prose will serve.

First of all, the size is perfect. What is the deal with the Shrek sized M&M? You would think it would be so good. But it's not. No, the candy to chocolate ratio is all off. It's too close to a Hershey's kiss. And everyone knows how dreadful Hershey kisses are. They're like the Cheetos of the chocolate world. Yuck! Anyway, the Shrek sized M&M was all wrong, but not so wrong as the M&M mini. See, there you have entirely too much candy, hardly any chocolate to speak of at all. Who wants to waste their time and calorie intake on colorful candy shells? Not me. Not unless they're stuffed with chocolate!

Now what I have been surprised about is that I do not enjoy the dark chocolate M&M. But for me, it's a no go. I think because the candy shell is so sweet that it negates the semisweet dark chocolate factor. It just doesn't work for me. The peanut M&M, a true classic, will always have a warm spot in my heart, and in my tummy. But I can't say the almond M&M or the crispy M&M have ever really impressed me. Do they still even make the crispy M&M? The only one left is the peanut butter M&M. I have to say that I had mixed feelings about the peanut butter M&M. It came on the scene and I thought to myself, "Is it really different enough from a Reese's cup to need it?" and "Is it really so different from the beloved peanut M&M to need it?" The answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes. We do need the peanut butter M&M. Not so often as the peanut M&M, and certainly not so often as the classic, milk chocolate M&M, but it does have its place in our world. And we should welcome it with open mouths.

I checked the M&M's website (careful, it's noisy. and no, they do not make the crispy M&M anymore) just now and was astounded to see that there is such a thing as "wildly cherry" M&M's "for a limited time." Uh, gross. I was also reminded of M&M's baking bits. These are, in a word, disgusting. The Bruno's in Alabaster, Alabama is a dreadful place to shop and if you ever have the misfortune of living in Alabaster, I would recommend that you commute to a different Bruno's as I almost always did. Or, now there is a Publix in nearby Helena. I once tried to find a bag of M&M's at that particular Bruno's, a common everyday search for a common everyday item which you would think any grocery store, or gas station for that matter, would carry. Not so with the Alabaster Bruno's. Oh no! They recommended that I purchase M&M's baking pieces as they were "exactly the same, just packaged for the baking aisle." I should have recognized who I was dealing with, the same store that tried to convince me I could buy canned black olives and they would taste exactly the same as kalamata olives (I knew better that time though!), but unfortunately, I purchased the M&M's baking bits and was sadly disappointed. I know, it sounds like a great idea. You put regular M&M's into your cookies and the candy colors run all into the dough, the shells crack, and it's just not as pretty as you thought it could be. Baking bits with specially designed heat proof shells (or whatever) would look much prettier. But pretty is not everything; let me tell you, those baking bits taste nothing like M&M's. They don't really taste much at all. Well, they're the horrific combo of the dark chocolate M&M and the M&M mini. So, no thanks.

But the classic M&M, the milk chocolate, been around since 1940 M&M, is a little piece of perfection. And I prefer perfection by the pink handful. It almost was poetry, wasn't it?


Wrights said...

I like your pink and brown! It's very cute and very fun for Valentine's (or any day). I also love M&Ms and agree with you on every single point you made on them (I do love Cheetos though!) When I was a nanny for this AWFUL family (except for the little boy--he wasn't awful,he just had horrible parents, well, horrible to me anyway...that's another story). Anyway, the dad was a chocoholic so they always had this HUGE jar of M&Ms--like you could swim in it. So I would eat the plain M&Ms by the handful everyday. That was the only part of the job I miss. It was really fun to eat that many M&Ms at one time and never feel like you would run out:)

george said...

"They're like the Cheetos of the chocolate world."

Ha ha.

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