Saturday, February 09, 2008

Why We Would Be Terrible On the Price Is Right

One funny little footnote, if you will, about the trip to Goodwill. They wouldn't take the old radios, nor would they take the faux Christmas wreath that somehow wound up in our basement. But when I went out to the car yesterday afternoon I noticed that one of our wedding gifts that we have never much cared for that I had finally decided could not go through another move and placed remorselessly in the giveaway pile was also still in the van. I actually called George on the cell phone and asked him what it was doing there. He said he figured he could sell it for $10-20 and not to worry about it. I was a little annoyed after my big breakthrough, but I decided it really was just one thing and we still really were getting rid of it. Then this morning he called up to me from the computer down here in the basement, "Hey, you know that ____? It's worth $300." Except that I'm horribly afraid that it would somehow get back to the gift giver, I would post a picture as proof. My guilt was so bad at thinking it had cost like $80, it is quite a mercy I never knew the original price! I do however, this time with probably pretty valid reasons, fear that I did not adequately thank the person who gave it to us! Oh well!


RHB said...

oh, c'mon, what was it? and can you sell it for $300?

amanda said...

Hey Abby! I just read your posts below and wanted to comment...I especially loved the post on your spiritual journey through decluttering. And it is funny, because I have been going through an "oh my freaking goodness, what is my problem, why can't I walk in my bedroom without almost breaking my leg" time. My reasons for not getting rid of things and dealing with this part of my life are not the same as yours. I don't know what they are, actually, but now I am encouraged to figure it out :)(probably laziness, to start with). I love reading your blog...keep writing, please!

Abby said...

rachael, nope can't sell it for that much. and i'll tell you next time i talk to you.

amanda! good to hear from you again. and thanks, it's always nice to hear i'm not that blog people keep going to because, like a train wreck, they just can't look away!

Olive said...

seriously- what was it? I'm so intrigued!

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