Friday, February 22, 2008

Young Miss Edema's First Published Work

We have had two dreary snow days in a row. The "snow" is really more that "winter mix" that we used to get in Nashville that is icy and no fun to play in. It also makes the roads more dangerous (hence, the snow days). So these are not real fun days to have off school because you can't go to the zoo or even to the museum. Well, I suppose one could, but I am always a little afraid of "winter road conditions." So my poor children have been cooped up, which really makes me their poor mother as they have turned the living room into a fort and have completely neglected their "inside voices." I sent them down to the basement- no worries, this is where most of their toys are, don't start thinking of Flowers in the Attic or anything- a little while ago to play so I could talk on the phone for a minute. I came down a few minutes ago and found this, hot of the press:

News at my apartment
Somebody got in.... jail!
It was....August! He ate up all the food. I called the policeman but he hit him and he died. (he was very old)

I copied it exactly; she is a pretty good speller huh? I guess she must be doing a unit on punctuation at school. I am cracking up at the dramatic use of ellipses and at the parentheses. But of course, the story itself is hilarious. It's too bad we don't have a scanner; on the other side there is a picture of August with all the food and a smiling policeman, with a hat and badge, approaching (I assume he is approaching and not yet dead or he would not be smiling). I love hearing what these children dream up. It is the cutest thing to see their little imaginations working. Although, it does make me a little nervous when people are dying all the time. Yesterday, I had to intervene when playing house turned into the baby dying! I think we could use a little sunshine and fresh air!


Jessie said...

Just this morning Georgia ask me, "Mom, when are you and Abby going to let me and Amabel and August play together again, because we really need to finish our game about Amabel being lost in the woods."

Heather said...

Agreed on being nervous of the young ones "dying" during the snow days. I have some pictures of what my two rugrats think is the best use of their time while being cooped up in the house. I've been to lazy to post them, but we'll just say that I think the baby was buried somewhere at the bottom of the piles. At least that's where I heard her voice:)

Anonymous said...
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