Thursday, March 20, 2008

Always Smocking, But Getting Nowhere

I have been away from my blog for another while trying to finish up last minute Easter stuff. Hasn't happened. I am actually pretty close to finishing Easter dresses for the girls. But not close enough. Fortunately, my mom bought them some dresses when she was her. The dresses I am making are nicer, but they just won't be ready. And that's okay. It's actually a huge relief to be able to slow down. Maybe I will actually enjoy finishing them up this way. And one good thing about having rushed this far is that it has me in the habit of smocking, and I had certainly gotten out of the habit. I have a lot of near finished dresses that I need to actually all the way finish, so my new goal is to get them done before me move out, at the end of May. Not that goals really ever make that much a of a difference to me when there is no consequence. As in, what will happen if I don't finish the dresses before we move? Nothing. And no, we don't have anywhere to go yet, and George does not have a job yet. But we do know his replacement has been hired and we have to get out before June like the rest of the graduates, and does this sound at all familiar to any of y'all? Because it seems to me that we have been through this once, twice, no three times before. Yeah, something about him needing a job and not being able to find one and us having to find a place to live and having no money. All vaguely familiar. At least I can joke about it, right? As George would say, "Pray like the wind!" Because well, just because.

Anyway, having been away from my blog made me decide that Chi Omega or no, this page looks like a McDonald's from the eighties threw up all over it. I know, y'all weren't going to say anything. Should I go back to Barbie doll pink though? I do like me some pink. Well, I'll post this and play with colors. Because now that I don't have to finish two dresses with angel sleeves before Sunday at nine o'clock (and yes, I have been known to be hemming an Easter dress in the car on the way to church on Easter morning!), I can waste time like a champ!

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Olive said...

I'd still love to see a dress you've made some day- I'm so intrigued by your smocking capabilities.

Thanks for stopping by again. I just couldn't get going over there. As soon (hopefully this weekend) as I figure out how to up load pictures, I'll start my new blog w/ my Pyrex and thrifting treasures.

I finally caught up on your blog- I had missed a lot- so there are a bunch of random comments throughout.

I love that your graduation countdown is getting so low! How exciting! What kind of a pastoral job is George looking for? Are you hoping to head back towards where you grew up?

Anyway, it's good to be back and see what ya'll have been up to- have a blessed Easter!

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