Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just Dropping By

Hey, y'all. I am probably not going to get to post until Friday. As soon as I say that, I'll end up writing a post tonight. You never know. Just wanted to stop in and say I am just super busy, which also means I am super cheery as you know I love to be busy. I have several little posts composing themselves in my mind. Whether they ever work their way through my fingertips and to a computer screen near you remains to be seen.

I am thoroughly enjoying The Watsons, one of Jane Austen's novellas, and I believe I have mentioned I am in the process of working my way through all of her shorter works. I keep thinking these would adapt really easily into movies, as no details would have to be forfeited for time constraints. Lady Susan was also a delight, and there are many others just waiting on the shelf to be devoured. I have even sacrificed my pace a little during my workouts so as to be able to sneak a few paragraphs in while exercising. Speaking of which, I am off to the Y before the Carnster arrives. (The Carnster being my mom, who arrives today and is visiting until Friday.) So you know now why I won't be posting. I shall be shopping, of course. Seersucker suits and smocked dresses for all!

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RHB said...

Give the Carnester a hug from me! And enjoy that shopping!

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