Saturday, April 12, 2008

News Flash

I'm sure y'all remember the little things your parents would say again and again. While there were plenty that were driven into the ground on sitcoms, "money doesn't grow on trees," the whole walking to school uphill both ways bit, and all of those sorts of things, there were plenty that were unique just to our own mom or dad. At least I think so. My dad has lots of little speeches he likes to give. But as for little catch phrases, his most memorable one had to be, "Dontcha be fussin' now." This always did stop us from fussing, if we even were, because we would immediately be united in annoyance and/or amusement with my dad for saying that. I hear George sometimes and I have a pretty good idea that his, "what's going on here?!" will be the same type of thing for our kids.

My mom always had polite ways of saying "get out of here!" Of course, I got her meaning and sometimes got my feelings hurt, but having three children of my own now, I can understand exactly how she must've felt. I am, after all, rather chatty. She would say things like "run on, now," or even "you're driving me bonkees" in a silly voice meant to soften the blow. For the most part, she could be pretty calm with all the noise that came from the three of us. I have a hard time with that. I tend to just level with the kids, just to let them in my world. I just let them know that Mommy is tired and a little grumpy and that it's not their fault but I need them to be a little quieter. Now often, I don't give them the whole spiel, but I think they've heard the spiel enough to fill in the blanks. Clearly, because my oldest child is writing me notes about my crankiness. She has gotten to the point where if I am not laughing and joking around, she thinks I'm cranky. Oh well. Anyway, I guess they will probably remember my little speech about needing some peace, I actually heard August trying to pull something similar on Amabel in the car yesterday, "I just need a little bit of quiet time."

But I think the thing that will both annoy them and amuse them later will be this little ditty which seems to be coming out of my mouth more and more often before I even know it, "I am not a clown." There is a little spiel that goes with it, something about how I need to work (complete with a list of all the things I have to do) and don't always have time to do everything they want to do. It is usually in response to their, "Can we do something fun today?" "What are we going to do after this?" "I want to go somewhere!" And all that comes to mind is "I am not a clown?" Somewhere in my mind I must be thinking they expect me to be a clown? Well, just so y'all know, I'm not a clown.

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