Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Of hedgehogs and ice cream

My sister has a porcupine in her house! Well, really it's a hedgehog, and it lives in her garage. How cute is that?! It did prompt me to wonder what the difference is between hedgehogs and porcupines. And one big difference is that porcupines have needle sharp, often five inch long, barbed quills that become easily detached from their bodies. Hedgehogs have quills that are almost never longer than one half inch long and do not detach from their bodies. Basically, if you were going to have one or the other hanging out at your house, you would totally want the hedgehog. Another difference is that porcupines are herbivores, but hedgehogs are insectivorous (nice word!) so that is why people over yonder (in France) don't mind them hanging around to eat the bugs out of their gardens. Just thought you might like to know. I'll put a real soul bearing, juicy post up for y'all soon, don't worry :) I know how you love those! Maybe something hilarious will happen to me on the way to Baskin Robbins. It's 31 cent cone day today. Where'd everybody go? Baskin Robbins ice cream sale! I think yesterday was Ben & Jerry's free day. So if you missed that (like my crew), scrounge up some change, because Baskin Robbins is back! I've seen like three new locations in St. Louey lately. Er, one at least. Anyway, from 5-10 tonight, eat some ice cream. I highly recommend the peanut butter and chocolate.

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Nathan Barlow said...

Conan has a squeaky toy like that. Instead of barbs on it's quills it has a type of bacteria

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