Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Rest of the Story

I am working on a new post, I promise. I love what everyone had to say about the last one. You were all so gracious and honest. It has been so refreshing to read what everyone has had to say! You people really should comment more, you all have great things to add. And it was fun to discover that almost all the people I thought had stopped reading evidently still do, at least sometimes. Thanks for all the comments and emails. I appreciated everyone's vulnerability about their own lives so much, and your encouragement about my life too! I especially appreciated what Jennifer said about how we don't know the whole story when it comes to other people. That is so true and just that one little piece of wisdom can get us miles and miles with patience, understanding, and compassion. Because why does that family go to that church? Why is that girl always late (who? me?)? Why are those people always worried? Why do they dress that way? Why do they send their kids to school there? Why do they make such a big deal out of that? Whatever it is that bugs us about other people, we don't know what their life is like. But just knowing that general truth, that we don't know, can save us from being overly judgmental, proud, or just downright rude. I am, of course, not thinking of any of you, but it is something that I think I have been learning ever since that dreadful day, you all know it, you all love it, the day I graduated from college and my life completely fell apart. Now I'm just making fun. But truly, I am learning more about what I don't know and about "gray area" and about being gracious to people who are completely different from me all the time. I have no idea why it took me graduating from college to start learning this. Let's blame it on sororities. Er, um, just being a plain old, garden variety spoiled brat. Yeah, that sounds right. But it has been rather earth shattering to realize everyone is not like me. And that is confusing too as I seem to be somewhat narcissistic in my feelings that no one else is quite as weird or troubled as me. No wait, those two are the same thing. Ugh. It is far too late to be hashing out all my worst faults on the world wide web. But if I were going to, I would probably get all sympathy and encouragement from y'all. Anyway, just wanted to issue a post of gratitude and give y'all a little something to chew on until I can get a new post up. (I guessed y'all were probably sick of seeing the same thing when you swung by).

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