Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am not sure I have ever been tagged before. I guess people don't really need to ask more about me, I am always prattling away about myself anyhow! So aren't you glad someone asked? That's right, I've been tagged by Jennie. Jennie is my best friend for those who don't know. We went to high school together, at the tiniest high school ever, and still managed to only talk to each other a handful of times in four years. It wasn't until she came through Rush at Auburn that we became close friends and eventually sisters (oh, the cheese!). That's right, more sorority stuff! Anyway, if your best friend won't tag you, who will? Enjoy.

What were you doing ten years ago? I thought it would be fun to look it up in an old journal to be exact. I forgot that it was a total mistake last time. On April 24, 1998, I registered for fall classes for my senior year at Auburn. I was living in an apartment off campus with my friend Sara who was just months away from getting married. Meanwhile, I had just broken up with my boyfriend of two years right before Spring Formal. Like, I was dressed and ready to go in a brand new dress and shoes and he called from an hour away and said he wasn't coming, and we broke up. Nice story eh? So that was like four days before so my journal is the lament of someone who is overly devastated after getting out of a way too serious relationship for a junior in college. Little did I know that the classes I just registered for would be classes I would have with a young George Edema, who, incidentally, also would not take me to Winter or Spring Formal. Geez, what does a girl have to do to get a decent formal date?!

5 things on my to do list today:
1. Scrubs
2. The Office
3. 30 Rock
4. Lost
5. smock whilst watching the above

It is Thursday, people. And it is also 6:15 on Thursday evening, so there isn't anything left. Still, way too much tv for one night. We don't care. Tomorrow is another story:
1. 6 miles
2. Get August's hair cut
3. Pick up monogramming order
4. Go to grocery
5. Get food ready for picnic on Saturday
That is actually rather helpful. I also have to manage to get a birthday gift and get to a birthday party for the kids in the afternoon.

5 snacks I enjoy:
Really? Just 5?
1.Chips and salsa
2. baby carrots
3. m&m's
4. cookies
5. popcorn
but not in that order :)

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. pay off student loans and make arrangements for the future (everyone says that, but mine includes actually having a home, so this is sort of all encompassing take care of the mundane things one)
2. help out the long list of families we know in need and/or in ministry (why do those two things so often go together, neediness and ministry?)
3. I always thought it would be cool to buy little parish houses (on Payne Street or somewhere) for the RUF campus ministers and interns at Auburn. Hey Auburn RUF, we've got your back! Oh, and with a billion dollars, we could do that for RUF in the entire SEC. As an ex-intern, I have to say that finding housing in a timely fashion when you're not sure if you will even get all of your support to go in the first place is a pain in the butt. How nice to just have the fully furnished RUF cottage waiting for you, in walking distance from campus! I wonder what Rod Mayes would say to that?
4. liposuction. No, I am not kidding. You try running six miles a day and looking like this and see what you think.
5. servants. Also not kidding. I could totally use a personal assistant, a maid, and a nanny.
Okay, so I am kind of kidding about number 5. But I think there isn't any big ticket thing I want, it would just be nice to be able to go out with a bunch of friends and hire babysitters for all our kids or all go on vacation and bring a couple of girls to watch the kids when we want to go for dinner. Oh, and have people to shop for me. See, servants really would be awesome!

5 bad habits:
1. coke, coffee, chocolate (I had these as three different ones, but I ran out of room for the rest)
2. complaining- or didn't you notice? ;)
3. exaggerating, generalizing, dramatizing- y'all know how I roll.
4. lateness- this includes not only being late myself but detaining others, sending/returning things late, etc.
5. never, ever, ever fixing my hair. But honestly, this mop!
I could go on and on: cursing, gossiping, snapping at my kids, letting a kid wander around in a diaper that clearly needs to be changed (like right now), ignoring people so I can blog (again, like right now), and super sloppy penmanship. On the other hand, I have excellent dental hygiene, and have totally quit watching soap operas. So, not all bad...

5 places I have lived:
1. In St. Petersburg, Florida. You know, where people have sand and rocks instead of grass, and where your parents are in a constant state of road rage because they are always behind some retired guy in a Buick the size of a boat. Or that's what I remember about it anyway.
2. In Macon, Georgia, in a neighborhood where every street is lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees that bloom in March and litter the ground with the loveliest pink petals so that it looks as if the world has been dusted with a fragrant pink snow. Essentially, the most beautiful place in the world for one week out of every year.
3. In the Loveliest Village on the Plains, the happiest place in all the world- particularly from late August through November. Dorm, apartment, charming cottage, or part of a dilapidated house that may or may not be fixing to collapse or burn down from ancient and faulty electrical wiring, it doesn't matter, there's no place like home.
4. In a tiny house on the side of a cliff in Oxford, Mississippi, about five miles from campus. See where I'm comin' from?!
5. Misery. Er, um Missouri. Yeah, that's what I meant.
Honorable mentions: Birmingham, Alabama, Franklin, Tennessee, and Mobile, Alabama

5 jobs I have had:
1. My very first job, working at Heavenly Ham. It was not heavenly, and I never really had much of anything to do with the actual ham either. But I think I only worked there a week.
2. Wee Care Daycare, a tragic exposure to the daycare situation in our country. A secondary, and "high class" exposure came from being a nanny. Both jobs were no less than heartbreaking.
3. The Bombay Company. The best job ever. Horribly ugly furniture though. I don't know why, but I find gay guys to be really easy to be friends with. I have never had so much fun at work. I think about those guys often. I really hope they have been saved from that lifestyle. I really learned a lot being the straight, virgin, Christian girl surrounded by my complete opposites. In particular, how to love people who are your complete opposites. Okay, still learning that one...
4. Pediatric Clinic. A frustrating, mindless job for someone just out of college and ready to conquer the world. There isn't much of a job market in Auburn, Alabama though. And it was a lot more respectable, you know to tell your parents and your fiance's parents, than retail or waitressing. I've never actually been a waitress...
5. The Pink Tulip. When I finally got to "the big city" of Birmingham, Alabama, I was four and a half months pregnant, and showing. I didn't really see a big future in a four month career so I just went for women's clothing retail (why? I couldn't even wear it!). It was hard being on my feet all the time, and I worked with some real back stabbers (that's women in the workplace for you though); I often wish mean people on them for when they're pregnant hoping they will remember how they picked on me! I so should've applied at Baby Gap!
Honorable mentions: Metropolitan Deluxe, Four Seasons Cleaners, (the obvious) RUF intern, various other childcare employment (why must I continue to torture myself?!)

I want to know more about:
Hmmm, I can imagine most of y'all will not appreciate being tagged. I am going to say:
1. Rebekah
2. Olive- we're ready for you to start up again!
3. Missy, Janet, Kat, Emily or any other neighborhood moms who have admitted (or not) to lurking and never leave comments. You will have to leave a comment (just this once!) with a link though, you know, or how else will I find you.
4. Laura- I have totally lost you. Do you still read? If so, give me a comment (just say "hi" so I have your link again).
5. Katherine- maybe this will keep you from being too serious as you feared? I keep meaning to comment, by the way, but you are like a blogging machine! I can't keep up!


Anonymous said...

I'm up doing a middle-of-the-night feeding, being very thankful for your blog & totally surprised that I was listed as a "neighborhood mom". That's a hard concept to get used to...
I started a blog when Hudson was born (, but am not sure if I'll keep it up when I go back to work. Lurk away there...:) Emily

elizabeth campbell said...

Hey, you didn't say you wanted to hear from me :) but I did just want to say that in April of 1998 I was just trying to get through my last quarter of Auburn(sniff, sniff), so Bobby and I could get married...hard to believe it's been 10 years--a lot has happened! So glad we've kept up and are still friends!

Abby said...

emily, hey! thanks for the link.

elizabeth, you don't have a blog! but i am always glad to hear from you :)

elizabeth campbell said...

Ha, ha...I knew that was going to be your excuse :) Actually, technically we do have a blog, but we haven't posted on it in two years b/c we can't remember the passwords to get into it! Maybe when I'm more organized, I'll start it back up? Anyways, I love tags, love reading them, so I hope everyone you tagged responds.

vwlaura120 said...


I'm gonna go fill this out! I've never been tagged before. I left you a message in my blog itself. Miss you, and congratulations on the graduation! I'm so excited for your family, you've all been in my thoughts, which is amazing as I've never met you!

Thank you for thinking of me Abby!


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