Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I saw a piece on this choir on two different news shows lately, so maybe y'all have seen these folks before, but I didn't want anyone to miss them in case. They are a group of elderly folks from Northhampton, Massachusetts who, evidently, perform in Europe and Australia, but are relatively unknown in the US. They are gaining a lot more recognition now because of a documentary, previously released in England on "Channel 4" (it's kind of fun to look at a British TV website), coming to the US. The documentary was released in theaters in New York and LA last week, but will not be in St. Louis until April 25th, Charlotte until May 2nd, Nashville until May 9th, and Birmingham until May 16th. If you live somewhere else, check here.

I have this Coldplay song stuck in my head all the time lately, mostly because the first line seems to be my life story lately! And I keep remembering the story of this man, Fred Knittle, and the man he was supposed to sing a duet with, Bob Salvini, who died only a few days before the scheduled performance (if I remember correctly). Seeing the video makes the first line from the bridge ring a little more true ("tears streaming down your face"), as it is already a sad song, with a new sad story behind it, sung by this dear elderly man who is singing his friend's part as well as his own while hooked up to oxygen. But you should see it, just have some Kleenex. I don't know how to put YouTube thingys on my blog, so just click this- Young@Heart:Fix You. Alternatively, "Stayin' Alive" and "I Wanna Be Sedated" are slightly funnier, still with a sad undertone, if you think about it.

I can't remember what news programs I saw them on, but in case you have missed the story, here is more:

You can find most of these links, and more, under the documentary link.

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