Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Friendly Reminder

Excuse me for not posting much. I suppose everyone is on their summery way and is not much for keeping up with blogs anyway. We have been busy helping friends get moved out. It is definitely strange knowing that we will be on the way out in just five weeks. I have begun to expect another fiasco like the one we experienced two years ago- move everything into storage, go visit some friends and parents, and wait. That is, if the four churches pursuing George don't say "no," "no," "no," and "no" in the next five weeks. Don't ask "then what?" Because you know what that gets you. That's right, pie in the face. Incidentally, I use the word "pursue" very loosely these days. I suppose I would be more accurate to say "considering." Where are they? All over. What are they? Associate pastorships (wasn't sure if pastorate could be used that way, and pastorship is a word, so there you go) with various areas of ministry as a focus. But most people aren't really on an end of June time crunch like we are. So, once again, the waiting game seems to be extending past the last minute for us. We know about this, as I have said before. We have faced unemployment (twice) and homelessness in the past. But hey, this will be our first time to be unemployed and homeless at the same time! Give it up! Woo woo! Woo woo! Woo woo!

So that's where we are. George is working a few odd jobs, and of course, our last month's rent is still free. We checked into staying and paying for a month or so, but they herd the students in and out of this place like cattle and there is no room at the inn for someone who has been graduated for longer than a month. We just got some new neighbors though. And they have given us a ton of great boxes so we can start getting ourselves going. Oh, and they are super nice and have children too. Nice because there aren't any children in our little strip of apartments or the strip adjacent to us. (Insert Alanis Morissette "Ironic") And who would've thought? It figures! For several months next door has been empty and grey, we prayed for a family with children who play. The moving truck pulled up at the very end of May. We met their daughter and said "now we'll be on our way." And isn't it (a misused version of the word) ironic? Don't ya think? I have another verse about my sister living in New Jersey for two years and George getting a job in New Jersey a month after she moves away in case he gets the job in New Jersey.

Alrighty, I will post again tomorrow, I think. I just saw that my friend Laura (well, we haven't ever met, but she's my blogworld friend and that counts) tagged me with a 59 question thingy. 59 things you never wanted to know about me, coming soon..... :)


jennifer h said...

Great picture, Abby!

Wrights said...

we're still praying for you. have you had to throw any pies yet?!

RHB said...

praying for y'all- Love you!

vwlaura120 said...

NJ!! WHOO HOO! Laura live in dirty jersey coming to a church near you! I am looking so forward to your 59 things, and yes, we are friends, despite never meeting and only existing inside these computer screens!

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