Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Recap From My Run Last Night

So basically, I just read TV captions and listen to my little iPod. Here are some various thoughts.

Clean House really has no business being an hour long show. We all want to see how the people piled into their house with stacks and stacks of mess get all organized and can move freely about the cabin again, but we should not have to wait an hour and watch people argue over whether or not to sell a three foot, plastic "Balrog" in order to see it. Also, the yard sale really only insures that someone else is going to have their own "hot mess" at their house. It isn't solving any real problem. The problem of junk. Like three foot, plastic Balrogs.

When did HGTV essentially become the real estate channel? Watching people you don't know shop for houses is about as exciting as watching paint dry, another show HGTV probably has. Holy boring, Batman!

I don't care what anyone says, "Sweet Child O' Mine" is still one of the greatest songs ever. It makes an excellent soundtrack for almost anything, particularly the Hampton Inn commercial where everyone is dancing.

And when did Food Network start only showing challenges and traveling shows? What happened to people cooking? Food Network, I don't even know you anymore!

Richard Simmons is such a sad little guy. I think there is no end to his strange, sad, awkward moments on TV. And then there's his out and out zaniness. I think this must be very much how I come across. I think about celebrity look alikes/act alikes in my realm of acquaintance often. (You kind of can't help it when you're watching Freaks and Geeks and it's like Courtney is on your TV!) I am so the Richard Simmons in all of your lives, fro and all. How depressing! Well, minus the tiny shorts. You're welcome.

"A Balrog?" you say? Why yes, a Balrog, some sort of flying, fire breathing, goblin looking thing. It actually really is a thing. The guy said, "I really like The Lord of the Rings." And yeah, it's one of the types of "monsters" in the Tolkien books. He does realize Balrogs were the bad guys though?

So Brooke White, eh? I wish I could say I am surprised. I liked her a lot at first, and then she was all cheesy and unoriginal. And then she sang the Monkees. So, I mean, don't expect to win American Idol by singing the Monkees. And while we're talking American Idol, can I just say that David Cook is like, a genius. I enjoy him so much. If you can take Mariah Carey and make it not girly, then well done. And if you can take "Billie Jean" and make it a totally different song, then whoa. And if you can take Neil Diamond and give both Neil Diamond and me goosebumps, then why are we still sitting around listening to everyone else? But wouldn't it be so weird and scary if Sanjaya, I mean, Jason Castro won? That's right, Jason is Sanjaya all over again- some guy who can only sort of sing but is appealing to tweens because of his weird hair and "dreamy" look. And he seems to have really limited knowledge of the world of music. I did enjoy his "Forever in Blue Jeans" though. Could this be because I am more used to the Will Ferrell version?

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