Friday, June 27, 2008

Channeling Navin R. Johnson. Again?

If you asked me what I was up to any day this week, I would have said "cleaning." And yet, my house is a total wreck. The funny thing about cleaning when you're trying to move is that you are constantly messing things up again, pulling things out of closets and drawers to pack, but not packing everything so there is stuff to put away again. Then, there is the little trail of dust and dirt that inevitably pours off every shelf and out of every cubby from behind where the stuff you are packing was. Then, there's the projects. I think I have mentioned these. "Well, I can't very well pack Annie Mae's tablecloth without pressing it, and I can't very well pack the silver without polishing it, and I can't very well pack this fabric without making something intricate and elaborate with it first!" Seriously. All of the mending, all of the sewing projects, all of the sorting and organizing that I have just put off and put off and put off, in my mind anyway, can no longer be put off. It is a little overwhelming to tell you the truth. So, a word to the wise, sew that button on now before another button falls off another shirt, and then another shirt, and then another, until you realize that you will have to spend an hour putting buttons on shirts just so that you can wash them, dry them, iron them, and pack them to go sit in a POD for an indefinite amount of time while you live at your parents house. "It's an old story, one you've probably heard before. But I never thought it would happen to me."

That last part just sort of typed itself, and I thought "this is all very deja vu!" So I did a little blog search and found this post. Evidently, moving makes me start quoting The Jerk. (Also, looking for fall signs). But honestly, what event in life doesn't prompt one to belt out the "Thermos song?" If there's is such an event, I'd like to see it! Well, maybe my sister's-in-law upcoming wedding. Probably shouldn't sing the "Thermos Song" then. But, that just gave me a good idea for a shower gift! And that also prompts me to recycle this link, just in case you missed it last time (you'll have to click the play button). What can I say? I am easily amused. But if you are even a little bit of a The Jerk fan, you probably will be too. Cures summer SAD right away! (Sara Camp, why did we not have access to this mix in high school?!)


e.c. said...

Sorry y'all have to go through this(packing, storing stuff, living somewhere that isn't your home), but yea! if you're coming to Nashville. Please let us know! We love playdates and haven't been to MM in awhile :)

And George's sister is getting married?! How fun and congratulations to her!

annie said...

Abby, you're joking about sewing on buttons and ironing before packing, right? Please tell me that you're joking. If not, may I suggest packing all the clothes that need mending in their own box with the buttons in a ziplock or something?

Anything I can do to help?

Wrights said...

Are you really coming to your parents' house? I know that is not what you want to be doing, but if you are going to be there, I would love to play! I am praying for y'all still and wish I lived close so I could help you pack or take your kids for the day or something. And, we love The Jerk! Hillarious!

jennifer h said...

Ditto what Annie said.

Abby, having moved many times myself, take a page from the Horne Book of Moving--if it hasn't been ironed or mended in 6 months or longer, it needs to be thrown away or given to charity. This leads to fewer boxes to pack, store, move, unpack, etc.

I, for one, hope the parents you are talking about are George's so that you are staying here. :)

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