Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cleaning up my act

So obviously, I've done a little maintenance. My "power month" is over, so I felt that my "power color" (tangerine) was no longer needed. I am not even remotely superstitious, by the way, but I am kind of playful (in case you didn't notice) so I think things like that are funny. But that joke isn't funny anymore. (Sorry if that gets the song stuck in your head- only old Smiths fans will even know what I'm talking about. Everyone else, move along.) And you may have noticed that I chopped down all my links. Most people almost never post on their blogs. Lots of people, when they do post on their blogs, are mostly sharing pictures and events in their lives, which is fun if you know them, but maybe not if you don't. So I figured most of my links were for my own personal reference anyway, and seeing as how I have a tool bar like everyone else, I can just store them there. I'm going for a less cluttered look, you see. But if you regularly used my links and are now lost without them, let me know. I did leave my shopping links though. Because I know that at least some of y'all use them and like them. And because I often hear myself saying, "Oh, I have the link to that on my blog," when someone asks me where to get something. And I like to support places that have done me right.

Speaking of places doing me right, did you know that Ebay no longer allows sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers? This is a fantastic thing! I mean, seriously, I was just at 3 strikes with ebay. And I had absolutely decided that they were out. And then they went and did something like this... and totally redeemed themselves! Because you know what used to happen was that the sellers would hold your feedback hostage until you got the item and gave them positive feedback. So if they took their sweet time to send it, or if they charged you $10 to ship a cotton baby's dress, or if they completely neglected to mention a huge mustard stain or rip (both of which actually happened to me), you had better think long and hard about leaving negative or even neutral feedback because they will certainly have no qualms about leaving you a big red minus sign in retaliation (this also actually happened to me before). But now, they can't leave negative feedback for paying buyers. And I say a big "HOORAY!" for that. Because there is entirely too much seller protection on ebay and almost no buyer protection. Until now. And so it is a new inning and they are back at no strikes. (Also because the outfit I bought for Amabel that never arrived was taken to dispute proceedings and the seller was found to be fraudulent and I got all my money back, as was right.)

Anyway, our big move is swiftly approaching. So maybe when I settle in, I'll have a church link for you and all new blogs to introduce you to. Maybe. I mean, we're still heading nowhere fast right now. I'm getting excited about the transition though. Because we're really headed somewhere, we just don't know where. Of course I'll keep you posted. Pun intended. I am such a dork! Thanks for coming by!


Renae said...

I've never had a feedback problem with a seller... although I had noticed the negative feedback wars between seller and buyer when I would check out a seller's rating... so I too am glad to see that they made that change.

I've been going through an e-bay phase lately, for some of my favorite magazine back issues, and I'm sure Clay will be glad when I'm through my phase. I can't believe it's been around for so long, I noticed my account is almost 10 years old! We only got almost ripped off once, but got our money back through VISA protection... someone selling illegal copies of computer programs.

Earlier tonight, Clay asked me if I had found a sitter for 3 of the kids while I take the 4th to a dr's appt tomorrow... I said, "oh, yeah, I talked to Abi, and she's going to call back later to let me know." He looked at me with this strange face and said, "Abby? You asked Abby to watch the kids?" And then I realized he thought I had called you, the Abby who is PACKING TO MOVE SOON, not the Abi who is a teen from our church. Ha ha!

I said, "I wouldn't do a thing like that, would I?" So, anyway, hope the packing is going alright, and please Please PLEASE call if you'd like to drop any of the kids off over here for awhile so you can do something romantic like, I don't know, pack boxes with just George and you ... you could whisper sweet nothings while emptying out the linen closet, maybe? :)

Oh my goodness, my comment length is beginning to rival one of your posts!

Olive said...

Wait. Did ya'll find a job? Did I miss something?


george said...

No. We are packing to move out, but we still have no place to move in.

Olive said...

Oh, good. I mean, not good. I jsut thought I missed something and was all- "huh?" Well, I'll keep praying for a job and a house- blessings!


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