Saturday, June 21, 2008

For Those Who Are Concerned

Sorry if I have left you all to assume the worst, that I am wasting away with summer SAD and have shut myself into a cold dark room where I watch Christmas movies into the wee hours of the morning. That sounds nice though. Anyway, I actually have been truckin' along. And then I sort of flipped out today. But not about summer, about our "transition," and not so that anyone knew. Except that now everyone will know because I am posting about it. And my friend Rebekah knew because I sent her an email where I just sort of went through all the possible scenarios and explained how all of them were wretched.

I appreciated so much how everyone commented on the last post. So much understanding and sympathy! Thanks, y'all! I love how everyone reminds me of our upcoming transition, a little freedom in that- "It's okay to completely wig out.... you're transitioning!" It's pretty helpful. I need to be given that wiggle room, that liberty to just have a bad day (or even a bad summer). But I am amused by the use of the word "transition." Because doesn't usually transition imply transitioning into something? You know, a transitive verb is one that does action to something, and a Transformer is something that transforms from a car into a robot, a transaction is when money is taken from one place and put into another, and a tranny is, well, we all know what a tranny is. But I am not transitioning into anything. I mean, of course I know the spirit of what y'all are saying. I can't even think of a word to use instead. I just feel, just for the record, like it is worse than transition. I mean, we expected transition. We did not expect homelessness and unemployment. But I do know what y'all mean. And I appreciate the kind words. I am just whining. And I'm done now.

On the up side, I am plenty busy. And that helps a lot. I think having the third child has pushed me over into the realm of not much free time as far as the household goes. And then, with that two hours I manipulate out of every day to drive to the Y, exercise for an hour (plus stretching, warming up, and cooling down), and drive home, there isn't so much time on my hands. And the time that is on my hands is going to things like packing and finishing boring projects that should have been finished a long time ago and must be finished before we move(you know, like washing and pressing all the linens from George's graduation party last month, cleaning the upholstery on the couch, vacuuming the cars out, polishing the silver, etc.). Plus, I'm starting to do the most fun thing, carefully planning meals so that we use up everything in the pantry and freezer! Y'all know what I'm talking about! It is a pain in the butt, but it's kind of fun. Well, food and organization, two things I'm good with and like, you know, it is a good time! It's always fun to combine random things and come up with a new recipe. So far I have just been doing easy things like substituting ranch dressing for mayonnaise and red wine vinegar for balsamic, but it should get more interesting here in another week or so.

But see, this is why I haven't been posting. Because this is my life right now. We're moving and doing the mundane things that go with that. And, for all you practical people, you'll be glad to know, we are working quite hard now on our "Plan B." In some ways, it seems a little late, but in other ways, everything we can think of is so utterly impossible and depressing that I am glad we haven't been thinking about it and working ourselves into hopelessness before absolutely necessary. Anyway, none of this is award winning blog material. But when have I ever written that? Honestly! Well, maybe I'll get another post out before another week rolls by. We have outings this week, so maybe those will provide a humorous anecdote or two. Or, maybe I'll share my new iPod play list. You never know! Get excited!

Oh! Oh! I do have to say, because I just mentioned my iPod, that I am loving me this new Cure song! All of the sudden, I just started hearing this Cure song on the radio that I had never heard before! And I just feel like I'm 16 and riding around in my little green Volvo with the sun roof cranked open all over again. I truly do. Thank you, Robert Smith, uh thank you! (But dude, aren't you over that makeup and hair yet?) Oh, and incidentally, this may not be the um, shall we say, most wholesome song. Yeah, so, I do realize that. But it is catchy, and Cure-y (well, which is sort of not very wholesome to begin with, but you don't really notice that so much when you're an extremely naive teen aged girl) so I like it anyway. Maybe just don't dwell on the lyrics... You know, that's just my disclaimer for those of you who might be a little shocked. (See Rach, always thinkin' of ya! Ha ha!)

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