Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just Thought I'd Share

The thing about any kind of review (books, music, movies, etc.) is that it really means nothing without context. If this one person says a movie is great, that is next to useless to me if I have no idea what else the person usually thinks is great. We have a pretty huge Jane Austen fan base at my church (and probably at everyone else's). When the Jane Austen fan base recommends other non-Jane Austen books or BBC miniseries to me (because the same 6 novels again and again gets old), I know I can trust them, because we all like the same types of things. And these guys are finding all kinds of things at the St. Louis County Libraries! Unfortunately for me, the St. Louis County Libraries are soon to be out of my reach. Anyway, that is really just an example. What I'm after here is good movie recommendations. Tonight, George and I just kind of want to have a movie night. But we never know what to rent. Last time we rented something, it was either The Other Boleyn Girl or Semi-Pro. We have rented both recently. And well, really, what were we thinking? Actually, The Other Boleyn Girl was okay. I can't really remember. I like historical movies, as long as there is a girl in them. Well, except there really aren't any girls in Horatio Hornblower or Master and Commander and I like them a lot anyway. They make me want to read history. Of course, I never do. But still, they are interesting. And I always find myself really very grateful that God put me in this point in time, even in spite of beautiful costumes and "Hollywoodified" stories.

But Semi-Pro? I mean, y'all! It has always been easy for me to forget or even ignore the really raunchy side of SNL type movies. We all know that Adam Sandler movies would be way better without the gross out humor and his ridiculous appeal to Jr. high aged boys' libido, but we love him anyway. Or I do. Well mostly, I love Spanglish Adam Sandler, Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates Adam Sandler, and that's about it. He's obviously a really nice guy though, but also, well, perverted. But see, Will Ferrell is Elf. And he's Harold Crick in one of the best movies ever, Stranger Than Fiction. Okay, so he's also Ron Burgundy and Mugatu, but Ron Burgundy and Mugatu is still funny stuff. Less funny takes us in to Ricky Bobby territory, and I guess I should have known from Big Earl and Chazz Reinhold (is anyone still with me anymore?), and even just regular appearances on Conan O'Brien, that he is more of an Adam Sandler guy than I give him credit for. But Semi-Pro was just way over the line in so many places, and not funny in the rest. George already posted about this movie in particular, so sorry for the repeat if you are a Pegger (not anymore, you're not! mwa ha ha ha!) But I think we might need to grow out of some of our old habits, like renting our favorite SNL alums' movies.

I was talking to my friend Sonja the other day and she was talking about seeing this terrible movie with "that blond comedian guy" in it. And I was like "Owen Wilson?" And she didn't think so. So she said, "you know, he's kind of cute like Matthew McConaughey, but he has an unusual nose." "Owen Wilson?" No, she didn't think so. He was in this dreadful movie about these guys that go to weddings... Right, Owen Wilson. And I'm like, how awesome is it that she doesn't even know who he is? Although, she is missing some really awesome comedy. Anyway, I kind of feel like, as a grown up, I probably should be a little more horrified by The Wedding Crashers. Or at least I should lose a little of my adoration for Owen Wilson (But I love that guy! "Hansel. He's so hot right now!") And the thing about this post is that I think most of you are probably either completely unfamiliar with everything I am talking about or don't have any affection for any of these guys.

Anyway, it's a dilemma all around. If sometimes Owen Wilson and Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell are excellent, but usually they are really gross, how do you know? I think maybe you just do. Meet Chuck and Larry?! Yeah, you kind of just knew that was going to be bad. Reign on Me? See, probably not going to reel Don Cheadle in with gross out humor. We just need to be more discerning.

Now I've solved the problem though and I don't need you people. Just kidding! Not that most of you are still out there anyway. Or are you....? Anyway, movie recommendations are always welcome here. Even if it's a post about grocery shopping, let me know when you see a really great flick. Of course, the thing about a great movie is that it is noticeably better than other ordinary movies. And how often does that happen? Well, just know that you can trust me to let you know when it happens to me. In the meantime, I am also working on a really fun new running mix. It had me breaking the 10 minute mile barrier yesterday! Okay, so for most of you that might not be hard to do, but I did 5 in 50 minutes! And I was darn proud of myself. Even if I do weigh like 400 pounds or something. (Slight exaggeration there, but you didn't really think I was going to tell you how much I weigh did you?! I've been lying about that since I was 10!) I will post the play list when I get it together. Just a little teaser? Well, okay, since you asked. Abba. Bowie. Dylan. Queen. Yeah, I know! It's totally bizarre! And retro huh? But I dig it.

So this post is sort of a weird insight into my strange tastes. Now you know whether or not you can trust my reviews in the future. What are y'all's faves? I gotta know if I can trust your reviews in the future too!


annie said...

I just finished "Driving Lessons" that I got from the library. I think that it came out in 2006. Jon and I liked it. It is sort of low key -- lots of pretty views of England and a great soundtrack. Y'all might like it. Julie Walters plays a great old lady in it. Rupert Grint of the Harry Potter movies is the young guy and Laura Linney plays his mom.

We just finished "Our Mutual Friend" -- BBC miniseries on the Dickens novel. It was well done. Made me want to read the book.

Also, I just finished "The Impressionists" -- another BBC one. I watched this one while I was exercising. It is told from the point of view of Monet -- but it covers lots of the other impressionist painters. I really enjoyed it. It made me check out a slew of books on Monet and Impressionism.

And, you go girl!, running 5 miles in 50 minutes. You would totally leave my unfit self in the dust. :)

the skocelai said...

We saw "Once" recently, it's an independent Irish flick. Filmed documentary style, but it's fiction. You won't like it unless you're into U2 and independent films.

And speaking of things we find funny but really shouldn't... my favorite scene from "Talladega Nights" was the dinner table grace scene, "Dear Baby Lord Jesus..." I don't know when I've ever laughed harder.

Abby said...

thanks, annie!

sarah, i loved once! and i totally agree about the prayer. i forgot about that part. i particularly loved "little 8 pound 6 ounce newborn baby jesus..."

e.c. said...

I haven't seen any good movies recently, but I like all the ones you like. Have heard once is good, but couldn't decide based on the people that liked it if it was artsy or cheesy. I think there are a lot of movies that I initially hate in the theaters b/c they're too over the top and somewhat offensive, but after multiple viewings on tv where you can just watch the parts you love and skip the obnoxious parts, they turn into classic favorites, and you sort of forget about the bad stuff...the wedding singer(not sure why that was originally offensive to me), wedding crashers, and talledaga nights(although definitely not as all-round funny to me as the others) come to mind. Classic favorites are What About Bob? Regarding Henry, man, I so cannot think of movies off the top of my head. I do like really intense, heavy stuff too...Traffic and Crash were good. And I LOVE elf, 50-first dates,Spanglish, and of course, You've got mail is one of those I could see over and over again....Oh, yeah, my all time favorite is Coming to America...for some reason, it doesn't get any funnier for me. As far as stuff that came out not too distantly, I liked Atonement and No Country for old Men, and really want to see There will be blood. I definitely haven't seen anything coming out recently that's interested me, although the kids are begging to see a few :)

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