Sunday, June 22, 2008

Well, Owl Be!

I put that up there as sort of a cute little homophonic play on "I'll be," but the more I hear it inside my head, the more it sounds like a play on "Abby." So, not sure how y'all read that. Or if you read it. Who reads headlines anyway? But yes, this is a post about owls. And first of all, I want to ask if anyone knows the deal with winking owls. Do they symbolize something? Why are they winking? There is no information on Wikipedia about this, and after Wikipedia leaves me high and dry, I really don't know where to turn. Anyway, I have an owl necklace that was my Nannie's. I am sure someone gave it to her, and I really can't remember her ever wearing it, but nonetheless, it was hers, and I have next to nothing of hers so I want to hang on to it. And it is starting to break, so I am looking for a new owl necklace as I have grown accustomed to wearing an owl. But that is not really the point of this paragraph, the point is that the owl from the necklace is winking. And in my search for new owl necklaces, I have found quite a few that wink. And there are winking owls all over the place, really. But what does it mean? George says other animals do not wink, so that is why a winking owl is cool, but it doesn't really mean anything in particular. Any other stabs at it?

Okay, so now the point of this paragraph is to talk about hunting for a new necklace. Who knew that typing in "owl necklace" on Etsy would turn up 48 pages of results?! So I have some pictures of ones I kinda like. Any fans?

The first one is just kind of a little $7 cutie brown and pink one. It's not really very me, but I think it is fun, and representational of a few of the things I found. The second one is glass. I am not sure how they make these things even when they explain it, but I thought it was cute. She (and pretty much everyone else) actually had a lot of owls, but this one was the most versatile. A lot of the other ones have a heavy dose of orange or green in them. This third one is engraved on nickel, I think. I think it's sort of pretty, especially for $7. There are so many interesting ones. But I think I just can't find the one for me.

Oh, and I found this last little dude on ebay. He is funny, don't you think? He is Danish pewter, for what that's worth. He is the most similar to the one I have from the pictures on here. Most of the Etsy ones had owls on them, but were not actually a shape of an owl. So that's what I've spent my evening doing. Good times! But I told you I'd get something up for you soon, and this is what I came up with. I need a necklace, y'all. George actually got me one a while back, but we think Elspeth must have played with it. Long story short, we can't find it. It was a CZ. George was very proud of getting me a CZ. I never lie to anyone if I can help it, so if someone so much as said "that's pretty," I found myself blurting out "it's not real!" Which is sort of weird to always be pointing out, don't you think? Yeah, so if I find the CZ, hurray! But I don't think I will replace it if it has been swallowed or thrown out. I guess I will just have to keep looking out for something else. Once again, not award winning blogging, but something to read, nonetheless.


Jennifer said...

I never heard the term "winking owl" until I bought the cheap wine from Aldi (which, btw, is pretty good for $3). I never knew it came from something else. I also did a web search after reading your post, and I couldn't find any explanation of the expression anywhere, either. It was just obvious that it is an expression that is common.

The Rays said...

ooh. i think they're all cute!! maybe i need an owl necklace. owl is maryn's favorite new word. i had on my bid day t-shirt a couple of days ago and she noticed it on the pocket. she says it very distinctly. so cute. anyway, i think the last two are my favorites, although not by much.

abby said...

a friend told me that she got one a little like the first one and it broke really easily, also that before that, it spent a lot of time turned around backward. just so you know. that's cute about maryn, amabel used to make the "hoot hoot" sound really early and one of my friends was really impressed until i told her it was because mommy says hooty hoot all the time!

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