Sunday, July 13, 2008

Something Had to Give

Let's see, I've been doing a lot the past two weeks, but I just know I forgot something:
Polish silver? check.
Press and pack napkins and table cloths? check.
Clean upholstery on couch? check.
Scrub down outdoor toys with soap and water? check.
Drop off film to delvelop pictures from Christmas? check.
Make chenille quilt for Amabel's bed that has been put off for four years? check.
Mend and sew on buttons? half check? almost check.
Throw last minute surprise party for daughter turning seven? check.
Freak out because daughter is turning seven? check.
Super fun farewell girls' night out? check.
Second girls' night in which pitcher of Tom Collins is consumed and all dishes are packed? check.
Trip (that you absolutely don't have time for) to botanical gardens in ninety degree heat? check.
Informal job interview in home when home is in total upheaval? check.
Receive help above and beyond from all closest friends and the best sister-in-law ever? check.
Enjoy delicious meals in each of four of our favorite families' homes? check.
Pack mountains of fabric into two enormous boxes, plus one extra for "Nashville projects?" check.
Pack truck? check.
Clean oven, baseboards, refrigerator, cabinets, shelves, floors, stairs, and windows? check.
Sleep-? oh! that's what I forgot! I guess I'd better go do that, I've got five hours to drive tomorrow. See you in the Nash!


Jessie said...

Yea, I should be sleeping now, too. But I am all alone here. Really Gulf is lonely already! I will miss you so much!

e.c. said...

Yea! I know you are relieved to have all that behind you..can't wait to see you TODAY!

jennifer h said...

Hope you have a safe trip to Nashville. We'll be keeping up with what's happening. Praying for you, too.

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