Monday, July 07, 2008

Things I Think About

First of all, I was just typing the word popsicle, and spell check kept underlining it. It drives me crazy when I spell something wrong and can't figure out the correct spelling, so I am always looking stuff up (sad that not knowing what a word means doesn't prompt me to look words up though. hmm.) And did you know that popsicle is actually the correct spelling, it's just that it is a registered trademark so it should be capitalized. Kind of weird huh? This got me wondering about other words like that. Or really other products like that. You know, ones that have so cornered the market that the brand name actually becomes the generic term for the object. Q-tips immediately come to mind. Because who says "cotton swab?" Also, Kleenex, because most people don't say "tissue." More people say tissue than cotton swab though. And I don't even know what you say if you don't say popsicle. "Frozen novelty?" Of course, the ultimate one of these brand name becoming a common name, in Southern culture anyway, is Coke. We ask you if you want a Coke, but we really just mean a carbonated beverage. You can have Sprite or Dr. Pepper if you want, we are not limiting you to Coca Cola Classic. On the other hand, most Southerners don't drink Pepsi. Because Pepsi is disgusting. All Southerners know this. Or the smart ones do anyway. So does anyone else enjoy this topic? And would you care to add a product to my list? It's good fun!

Secondly, the other thing I think about, or at least I thought about once for a whole weekend during RUF winter conference of my sophomore year (or was it junior year...?) is that most masculine names have a feminine counterpart. It's kind of bizarre. Also kind of obvious. (Sorry about all the fragments today.) But really, think of a guy name, and you will probably have yourself a girl name:
Stephen, Stephanie. Christopher, Christine. Nicholas, Nichole. Andrew, Andrea. John, Jane. Daniel, Danielle. Even names like George (Georgia) and Augustine (Augusta) have the masculine and the feminine form. Okay, so it's sort of boring. But it was fun when we got on a roll. We had a whole page of them between three of us.

Yep, and that's it. I just usually only think about one of those two things. Or, gross things. Like today there was this guy at the Cabella's store who kept clipping his son's fingernails while they were walking through. The son was obviously annoyed. And anyone who saw me would have seen that I was too. Because yuck! there was a trail of dirty, dead fingernails all over the Cabella's floor! Who does that?! Don't ask me why I was at Cabella's today. Also, yesterday, my neighbor came outside right when my nose was sort of starting to run so I thought I could discreetly sort of run the back of my hand in front my nose to supress my troubles while she and I visited for a second, but I ended up rubbing snot across my face. That, also, was gross. There was one other gross thing I was thinking about today but I forgot what it was. Well, we'll save that for later! Can't wait! (Can you tell I'm a little delirious?)

Alright, so discuss. I'm hoping for the whole product name is a common name thing because I just don't trust some of you not to cross the line with the gross thing. Yeah, really, I have been edging up to the line. But I respect the line. See it and respect it. Oooh, hey, what about Tupperware?! And Band Aid? Aww, this is no fun anymore, I just found a list on Wikipedia! Boo. Well, I guess you'll just have to not comment. Y'all are so good at that anyway. Just keep it up; you're doing great! And I'll keep boring you to tears. Awesome! Although, I've gotta say, I was a little surprised that Dumpster was a registered trademark. That's all I'm gonna say. But I'll try to get one more post up before we move this weekend so y'all will be able to go ahead and not comment again then. Yeah, delirious is a good word for this mood...


Fittsy said...

I love thinking of girl versions of boy names. It only occurred to me when a friend told me if they have a third little girl they'll name her Georgette after her Dad. So cute!

I especially love Claudette (Claude - b/c I love that name generally).

My Dad, Wilton, teases everyone that they should name a little girl after him - Wiltina. Now that's awful.

Two that I can't think of counterparts - Matthew and Adam. (Addie and Mattie came up in a search - so there you go.)

It's funny to think that I was on that same retreat and have no recollection of you!

george said...

One I like is: Theodore - Dorthea. I don't care for the names themselves, but the inversion is cool.

jennifer h said...

My brother's name is Robert, and his wife's name is Patricia. Their first born is Roberta; their second born is Patrick. They had a third child, but did nothing remotely like their names for him.

e.c. said...

Ha,ha, that reminds me of the characters from the Young and the Restless(no I don't watch that, but the mom of some kids that I babysat for in college actually let them watch it, and they were BOYS!). You know, the off-again, on-again, perpetually divorced parents, Victor and Nikki, and their children, Victoria and Nicholas. I actually did like their names.

Olive said...

Do you think it only applies to masculine names having a female ocunterpart, b/c I must be dumb, I can't think of the counterparts to the female names. What about Abigail? Elspeth??? What about my name- Brittnie? Or my middle- Elizabeth? Theresa? Katherine? Elaine? Ashley? Crystal? (OK, I just went through all the girls at work, sorry)

Seriously though- how about Timothy? Bruce? Rodney? Felix (on the serious- my neighbor)? Kirby (other neighbor)? Randall?

Sorry- just messing with ya. ;)

george said...

Abigail and Elizabeth are Hebrew names, so the conversion to a masculine name might be a little different. Without looking into it I'd guess Abner, or Abijah or something similar for Abigail (my Hebrew is terrible), and Elisha, or the like for Elizabeth.

Britton for Brittnie, Terrence for Theresa, Randi for Randall, Kirby goes both ways, Felisha for Felix, Ash or Asher for Ashley, Rhonda for Rodney? Bruce and Katherine are a mystery, Crystal isn't a name, and the rest are Greek so there may be conversions that aren't ready to our ear - Elaine for instance may come from Helen which may come from the word the Greeks used for themselves, which may be a feminine word, which might mean there is no male version - or it could be Ellis or even Alan.

But I'm making it up as I go along, so what do I know?

Olive said...

Wow- that was good. You guys really put thought into this! I just came up with anything on the spot. I sort of dispute Ronda/Rodney- but whatever- and I say Crystal is a name- anything can be a name, really if someone makes it a name- I think it's Greek, but I don't know my Greek well at all. What do you think about Timothy? Well done!

george said...

Well, there is a much better chance that I am wrong than right about those.

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