Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Say Ye?

Say you're watching a movie with your sweetie pie, and the movie is not turning out to be your favorite thing (for reasons that would likely be obvious to your cuddle muffin) Which is the more polite/considerate thing to say? And why? (Or, what would you say instead?)

Honeybun? Do you like this movie?


Sugarbean? Can we turn this off?



the skocelai said...

I would think that asking if he was enjoying the movie would be a good way to start out. If he does, then you can ask to either be excused or ask that he watch it later (whenever you have something else you could be doing and make sure he gets that opportuity) and put in something else that you can both enjoy.

annie said...

I don't could always be like Jon, who after about an hour of Wuthering Heights, said to me, "You know, I kind of wish that someone would drop a bomb on all these folks and put them out of their misery." And so we turned it off.

I guess that we just know each other so well that we've passed the "polite" and just use the "straightforward" now. Therefore, he watches Cloverfield all alone and I try out romantic comedies while walking on my treadmill. We agree on most movies, though.

Abby said...

annie, i just saw this and laughed out loud. that is hilarious! i totally feel that way about wuthering heights just as a story. well, at least he made it for 6 hours! any time george wants to see a movie that i don't want to see, i tell him he should see if jon wants to see it. i figure whatever over the top totally man movie he wants to see, you probably don't want to see either- especially the comic book kind. i know george pretty much always likes what jon does. we are still really excited to see Our Mutual Friend, but haven't gotten a hold of it just yet.

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