Monday, August 11, 2008

A Break From Boredom

Wow, this is my 400th post! I really appreciated the comments on the last post. I have been down in Birmingham so that is why I didn't reply to any of them. But I was so glad to hear that other people have had these types of situations where untrue and hurtful things have been said about them. I mean, I'm not glad at all really. But it is such a bizarre thing to have happen to you, that it is nice to know that it does happen to other people so you are not crazy. Does that make sense? I don't know, someone says you said and did things you didn't do and you think maybe somehow you did those things because why would someone just fabricate a story like that? Anyway, that's enough about that. And thanks also for coming into my world and giving me a little sympathy. Don't we all need a little more sympathy? But it is so hard. No one's life is easy. And it is so hard to think about other people's drama when you are dealing with your own. Well, lucky for you all, I pull you right into my drama! I'm like your own little blog-soap. 

Anyway, I went down yonder to Alabama. And we visited good friends and ate good food and saw Frank Stitt. I have to say it was pretty cool to be sitting in the backyard of one of Frank Stitt's restaurants (Chez Fonfon) just chatting with my buddy Rebekah, and to all of the sudden see him appear, the very way I have seen him in pictures, in all his chef-y clothing (I really should better be able to describe that with a brother-in-law who is a chef. But "chef-y clothing" it is). Our husbands were enjoying playing bocce on his bocce court and he smiled in approval as he walked through the yard. Pretty cool eh? 

Another pretty cool thing to see, though more common I'm sure, was peanuts still attached to their plant. I so wish I had had a camera with me, because it was really interesting. I was with my friend Ali and we were pretty excited. Neither of us had ever seen the entire plant. They were piled up in a crate with a sign that said "green peanuts." It was such the magazine-esque moment. I think you buy them green to boil them. We were at the farmer's market (Pepper Place) and we were just after some ice coffee, peaches, tomatoes, okra, and fresh cut flowers ourselves. We found all the items on our list in delicious abundance! Maybe next time I'll pick up some peanuts to boil. I ended up blowing most of my money on iced coffee. It was so good, I had to have seconds!

Our other shopping stop was Smith's Variety store. Nothing is more fun than looking through all the thises and thats at Smith's. I went to look at their baby doll selection for Elspeth's upcoming birthday. It's actually a month from today, but I gotta take full advantage of the Ham while I'm there. So, the baby doll that was out for kids to play with was, of course, the $80 model. This also happened to be the one that is out for play at Philip's Toy Mart here in Nashville. Elspeth is totally in love with this doll because she sees it every time we go to a toy store. It is a really sweet baby. But yeah, it's $80. I think the main appeal to her is the size of the doll and that it cries and says "Momma." So I started looking at the boxes of the other dolls to see if any of them had those two features but maybe lacked a few of the other whistles and bells to bring down the price. Because oh, I forgot to mention that the doll cries, says "Momma" and a whole bunch of other things in three languages!  The doll brand I like is Corolle, as I have mentioned before. Corolle is a French company and all of their dolls smell of vanilla. But the boxes are all in French so I was getting confused. A lady who worked there asked the toy manager to come help me, which I was very close to declining for fear of being too much trouble and then disappointing by not buying anything. But the guy seemed nice enough and fairly knowledgeable about baby dolls, especially for a man.  I asked him about some of the less expensive dolls and then finally told him what I was getting at- showed him Elspeth rocking and kissing the floor model and explaining that $80 was just too much to spend on a doll. His response was that he actually had too many of that doll anyway, so he'd give it to me for $40. I picked up the box and pointed to the price tag. "This doll? I can buy this right now for $40?" And he pulled out his pen, changed the price, and signed his name beside the correction. Well, that pretty much settled it! While Rebekah paid for the doll and put it in the back of the van for me, Elspeth and I tucked the floor model baby in and kissed it goodnight; this is an excellent technique for keeping her from becoming hysterical when we leave the doll (why didn't I think of something like this all those times I had to pull August away from train tables in stores, kicking and screaming?!).  Birthday shopping is now complete, one month early! The only problem is making myself wait to give it to her. 

So, all in all, it was a great trip. We saw tons of our friends and enjoyed the bonus Frank Stitt celebrity siting. We also visited our old church which I haven't been to in four years! Now I'm back to boring old Nashville and am scrambling to get my homeschool situation in order. Oh man, homeschool? Have I mentioned that? Well, we figure it's better than pulling them out in a month (knock on wood). And I have been gearing myself up for it for a while. But that's another post for another day. Maybe I will just tell y'all how it's going after it starts going- whenever that is! Yeah, just go ahead and add that to your prayer list for the Edemas- job, church (okay, so those are one in the same) home, school. But we're cheery!


vwlaura said...

hi. i'm alive. i miss reading your musings dear and heeding your advice! i've gotta catch up, but i wante dto mention that your side bar has a ben kweller line on it and i love it!


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Don't you love Smith's? I've been going there since I was Elspeth's age. I got many a doll at Smith's. In fact, Lydie's first doll came from that store. Any way, wow on the price for the doll! And I hope your home school comes together as you get settled. Still praying!

RHB said...

cool that you got the doll at half price! yaay! call me next time you have questions about the French on the Corolle box. :)
praying for you all!

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