Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Officially, My Worst Post To Date

Isn't there someone's blog named something like "I really have nothing useful to say?" I feel that way lately. I have begun so many posts that pretty much need that Cymbalta music in the background. I wanted to post something, just to have something for y'all to read. But everything comes up poop. 

Nice attitude. I know. Always. 

Sometimes I can't be sure if I am a sarcastic person or not. This pretty much clinches it for me. I never need wonder now. Is it bad to be sarcastic? Not that I'm probably going to stop. I remember my first boyfriend telling me I was too sarcastic. I didn't get it then. Well, good for me, 17 years later, I get it. Sort of. I don't really see the problem. 

Well, aren't y'all glad you showed up for this post? I am so sick of saving drafts that I'm actually going to publish it this time. I feel like I should say something else though.


I started thinking about my "fall y'all" sign again today. Just think of the days I can waste wondering around downtown Franklin, looking at antique shops for a fall y'all sign! Good times. Incidentally, I just did a blog search for "fall y'all" and pulled up twenty posts. Evidently, I talk about that sign a lot? Or maybe about falling? Well, if you want to find the original one about the sign, the post is called "The Jerk is Me." In case you really think I am that big of a jerk, I am not really going to wander all around looking for a sign. Well, maybe just one or two places...

Incidentally, I decided I should at least officially change my location. We're not in St. Louis anymore, folks. But changing it to Tennessee makes Tennessee feel so much less temporary. There's that Cymbalta music coming on again... Alright, hey, um Laura, if you're out there, I can no longer access your blog. What's up with that? And Becca B, in light of the 1000 miles you recently mentioned, am I to deduce that we will not be seeing you anytime soon? Sorry for the personal questions in the old blog text. But whatcha gon' do? 

I feel much better after writing this strange post. Thanks, y'all. Oh, and I don't know if y'all saw the comment, but when I get the scoop on the cat, I'll let you know. 

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