Saturday, September 06, 2008

Six Random Things That Took Forever To Write About!

So, I was tagged! I love being tagged. Well, I love that someone thought to tag me. In this case, it was Sarah. It depends on the tag whether or not I really love being tagged, and we'll just have to see how this one goes. This tag was a blank canvas of sorts, just six things about yourself. Six things though, I mean, are there really six things left that y'all wouldn't already know about me? We'll see what I come up with.

Here are the rules:

1) Link to the person who tagged you

2) Post rules on your blog

3) Write 6 random things about yourself

4) Tag six people and link to them

5) Let the tagger know when the entry is up

Here it goes:

1) I have never had sushi. I really think I want to have sushi though. One of the best meals I ever had was at Liluma, this perfect little restaurant in the Central West End over here in St. Louey, on George's and my last anniversary. I had this extremely yummy tuna tartare. Mmmm. Oh, and I also had this fantastic seared tuna encrusted with this lemon basil salt, but it was cooked so it has nothing to do with sushi. I really just love seafood. But I am scared of seafood because it can be done badly, or really because of the freshness issue. I almost only trust seafood at the beach. But I am slowly learning to trust it at fancy restaurants and swanky grocery stores. Yes, I am a major food snob. But then, you knew that. Anyway, I have decided that I am fired up about sushi, but I only want really really good sushi. So, if you know a good sushi place in either St. Louey or Nashville, let me know. I'm on a mission! Incidentally, I highly recommend Liluma. I have eaten there twice and both meals were fantastic. I don't think I can say that about any other place in town.

2) I am extremely hot natured. This has always been embarrassing to me because it is always the tiny little girls who get cold all the time. I always feel like a big blubbery dope because I get so hot. It took having a son with as much hair as me to make me recognize that having this much hair on your head is like wearing a fur hat all the time. And well, no wonder I'm so hot! I mean, I could still stand to lose a few, but at least I am not mercilessly reminded of that every time I get hot. The hair and hot factor also accounts for my 24/7 pony tail. I feel bad about it, but I can't stand all this hair hanging around. Really, you have to have met me, but it is probably more hair than anyone you have ever met in your life. Or, so says anyone who cuts my hair.

3) I cannot abide florescent lighting. As earth friendly as I aspire to be, as economical, as energy efficient as I would really love to be, I will never buy florescent bulbs for my home. I don't care if incandescent light bulbs become illegal, I will stockpile them in my home before the stores run out. Florescent lighting is weak, ugly lighting that makes everyone and everything look dull and dirty. It's like being in 1984 or that other awful book, Anthem. I can see that this is a really strong reaction, but it comes of 8 weeks of living in other people's homes, having to deal with their florescent bulbs. And let me just say that neither George nor I have parents that are particularly interested in the environment. They're so after the savings on the power bill! But, to me, and this is obviously just my feeling on the matter and not a moral judgement, I would so rather spend the money on the power bill and be able to actually see what I'm doing in pleasant lighting than have to squint at things and hold them up to the sunlight to be sure what color they are or to tell whether or not they are dirty. This is also why it was extremely easy for me to quit shopping at Walmart five years ago. I would rather spend a few cents more somewhere else that has better lighting. Of course, that isn't why I quit shopping there; there's a whole post on that (it's actually pretty well done too)!

4) I use that Proactiv stuff. Maybe a lot of you do too. But it took me a long time to quit being skeptical about a one size fits all acne product. Some of the boys in my eighth grade class called me "Zit Queen." I think it was just feeble attempts to strike up conversation with the new girl, but my parents quickly rushed me to the dermatologist when they heard. The problem with a dermatologist is that he comes in and stares at your acne, the very thing you hope no one will do. He prescribes stuff that doesn't always work- it's really just trial and error- but often makes you peel or break out even worse. After a couple of years, I just quit going. I tried loads of different things with and without old Dr. Day and landed on Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash for a while, years and years actually. When I was expecting Elspeth though, I kept breaking out on my chin. It would not go away even months after she was born in spite of the dozens of different products I tried. Last December, I finally decided I had nothing to lose by giving Proactiv a whirl, and it has been pretty amazing. I almost never break out anymore. I'm a big fan. One size may not fit all, but it does fit me!

5) I have never ridden a bike with handbrakes. I don't think. Yeah, I have irrational fears of crashing on a bike. I didn't actually get rid of my training wheels until I was like eight. And by the time I outgrew that bike, we were in this neighborhood in Macon, Georgia with major hills and I was too scared to ride my bike anymore. So, I just never upgraded. Even when we went on vacation and rented bikes, they always had those little "coaster" bikes. So, there ya have it, I have never ridden a bike with handbrakes which also means that I probably haven't ridden a bike in a good fifteen years. That's too bad. I need to fix that.

6) I love Jim Gaffigan. Do y'all know him? He's a stand up comedian, for those who don't know. Oh man, he is so hilarious! Really, like tears streaming down your face hilarious. I also really enjoy Demetri Martin. But not quite as much as Jim. Discovering a good comedian is particularly exciting to me. I just love to laugh. You can laugh too by looking for both guys on Youtube. They have tons of videos for each of those guys. But I am too lazy to put links up. You really should look them up though. Good times!

Alright, so there's my six things. I don't think I am going to tag six more people though. I get the feeling most people don't like to be tagged. It's fun though, so if you want, feel free to play along! 


e.c. said...

Good ones, Abby! On the whole florescent light bulb thing, we don't do those either, although I am definitely one of those people who would love to save on that power bill :). I hate florescent light too, and it's actually supposed to be really bad/unhealthy for you, according to all the alternative health gurus. So you can feel better knowing that there's a reason you feel better when you're not in a store with horrible lighting.

Fittsy said...

According to two reliable sources, this is supposed to be a wonderful sushi place in Nashville: Virago– 1811 Division Street, Nashville, 37203 – 615-320-5149; I love sushi, so we may give it a try this weekend.

katie said...

Miso in Clayton is a great sushi place but it is very dark and sometimes hard to see. Caleb and I will take you there. :)

RHB said...

So, have you tried layers to "thin" your hair? They love doing that over here. Sometimes, in my opinion, they thin too much- but I am sure that you wouldn't need to worry about that. Anyway, too much hair is better than not enough, right?

Mark Ray said...

I love sushi. My hotel has a sushi bar in the lobby, and I was thinking of giving it a try. But since I'm in clayton, now maybe I'll try Miso instead. Thanks for the tip!

So, I expected STL to have somewhat mild weather, but man is it hot and humid here. And I grew up in south alabama, so I know hot and humid. Doesn't go well with being hot natured.

Jim Gaffigan is the guy that talks about himself in a funny voice that sounds like a woman or Will Ferrell whispering, right? That's good stuff.

If you guys are free, would you be interested in meeting for dinner? My treat. The one caveat is that it will have to be tonight or tomorrow night because I'm leaving tuesday. I know it's last minute-no pressure (7049961587).

e.c. said...

So, Fittsy, did y'all give Virago's a try? I've heard it's quite the swanky dive, but we've never been...would love to hear about it or anywhere y'all Franklin suburbanites don't get out much :)

Fittsy said...

No, e.c., we went to Lime, the latin fusion restaurant owned by the same guy who does Virago. It was fabulous. I highly recommend the Ginger Habanero Mohito - super yum! I did go to downtown Franklin - so cute!

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