Sunday, November 02, 2008

Where in the World is Abby Edema?

We have just this week been blessed to move into a home owned by one of the families in our church. It is a home they usually rent out, and they are graciously allowing us to live there without having to pay rent while we try to work out a job for George. George has started part time work at Home Depot, which means we can at least pay utilities. So both of those things are a blessing. Of course, as you can imagine, we are still hoping for a more permanent job, and preferably one in ministry. Because we still don't know where or when that will be, we have left all of our things in storage as well. Many other generous church families have loaned us everything from beds to spoons. It is a huge blessing, and yet, it has me feeling my homesickness slightly more acutely. To make sense of that for y'all a little better, we have borrowed only the essentials and so there are several empty rooms and lots of empty walls and nothing matches etc. However, the house is big and beautiful and on a gorgeous wooded hill. It is absolutely lovely. It is about twenty minutes out from town so we have pulled Amabel out of her school and tomorrow I commence home schooling! We have a lot to be thankful for. But it is also a big change from what we are used to (though that is pretty much true of the entire last four months); and clearly, we are still sort of in the thick of all of this uncertainty and transition. Thanks for all your prayers. For now, we don't have internet (or tv or phone etc.) so we are really out of the loop. I am mooching off Panera Bread free Wifi in the car right now! But let me hear from you so that next time I come down the mountain to see the world, I'll have some news!  


RHB said...

Hope that you are settling in a bit and that homeschooling starts well. Praying for you!

Katherine said...

lots of people are struggling here as well with lack of jobs, uncertainty with homes, etc. we will continue to pray for you!

renae said...

Sophie just told me the other day that Amabel isn't in her class anymore! I'm still in newborn zombie phase, so I've been out of the loop on pretty much everything, including checking out your blog, although things are looking up with Kate moving along toward being 3 months old.

Glad to hear of life's little blessings coming your way with Home Depot and church family taking care of you, and will keep praying for the "bigger" blessings of ministry job and relative home permanence. Hope homeschool is going well, too.

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