Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Calamity?

Zero comments. Wow, I totally feel like Charlie Brown. 

Is everybody stressed? I'm afraid you all are. I think the whole country is. Target has way less Christmas stuff this year. I don't know about other stores. I seriously have only been to the grocery store and Target in the past month. Right, so I haven't even started Christmas shopping. And all the advertising and news I hear seems to come from the angle that people are doing much less across the board this year. Well, it really doesn't help that we had almost a week less (after Thanksgiving) to get ready for Christmas this year than we did last year. We have only gotten like one third of the Christmas cards we have usually gotten by now. And it seems like everyone I talk to is trying to content themselves with not getting things done that they would have liked to have done. So maybe we should talk about what we can't do this year instead of what we love doing every year? I'll go first. 

I may or may not get Christmas dresses made in time for Lessons and Carols on Sunday night. Let's see, it's Thursday night now, I've got the fabric pre-shrunk, but not cut, and certainly not sewn. So it's probably either going to be sleep or dresses. Let's see who really knows me. Will I sleep or make the dresses?  Moving on, I haven't made wreaths yet. I have the cuttings, I have the ribbon. My florist wire is in storage. Florist wire is only like two dollars. I'm thinking I can have them up in time for guests on Christmas Eve. But is it worth it? Two dollars? Yes. But the time it takes to make them? I'm just not sure. I was also going to make stockings this year with the extra fabric from what my sister sent for my girls' dresses (she sent a ton! from Italy! ooh la la!- yes, I know "ooh la la!" is French, not Italian. she lives in France though). And I wonder if I will get that done? What about this year's gingerbread house? See, I'm behind on a lot. I still haven't finished Christmas around the world! We have one more stop to make! And I have no idea what I'm serving for Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner. None. Also, Christmas cards need to go out. Here I sit with a pile of unopened packages. My prints should be ready in the morning though. I'm thinking I  had better quit blogging and start addressing Christmas cards. And what a year I picked to buy blank ones! Well, I found them in the One Spot! The One Spot, y'all! Eight cards for a dollar?! And they have polka dots on them. It's all too exciting, polka dotted, twelve cent Christmas cards. But oh, the writing

So, if you're reading, what are you not doing? Commenting? Yes, yes, besides that? 


the skocelai said...

Hey Abby! Love the Charlie Brown reference :); we've been watching a lot of that around here. I am doing everything
I planned on doing for the holidays EXCEPT enjoying the preparations. I feel completely stressed because I don't think I've been spending much time hanging out with my kid. And, I'm in that phase of new pregnant where you feel pukey and exhausted, but I still wasn't done with everything I "needed" to do for the holidays. So I got to choose where to spend my energy, kid or holiday prep, and my idol won out. And, I am pretty sure my story is not uncommon, there are plenty of people who feel strung out, but there has to be a way to prepare for the holidays and still enjoy your family. What is it?

melanie said...

Hi Abby! I think this is going to be the second year in a row I haven't sent out Christmas cards. Yikes!

If you don't get around to the gingerbread houses, you and the kids can come over the week after Christmas and make them with us. I doubt we'll get to ours before then. :-(

e.c. said...

I am TOTALLY behind on everything! My wreaths are waiting to be hung in the windows, I've done NO holiday baking, I haven't made a Christmas outfit in five years, so I'm pretty sure that one's not gonna get done...I JUST took our Christmas picture yesterday, sooo.....we are sending out New Year's cards. We were only home to do 1/3 of our Advent readings/calendar, and didn't even get around to the Jesse tree this year. On the other hand, my house(other than the outside) got decorated quickly and early, but is now a disaster do to all the last minute baking, gift wrapping and inexplicable clothes organization I'm attempting to do before we leave town in three days! I have to say, other than the stress I feel from having stuff hanging over my head, I've really enjoyed the holidays so far, just wish I was more organized so I could enjoy them more. Also, I really like the idea of waiting until the week after Christmas to do gingerbread houses...there's nothing to do that week, and you can probably get them greatly discounted.

If you get those dresses done, you must post a pic!

Abby said...

hurray for comments and people not worrying about missing a few beats! and what did we receive in the mail today? a gingerbread house! who send gingerbread houses?! evidently, my aunt. and how sweet of her! i remember when she did a few times when i was a little girl. we were already planning on just the little graham cracker variety, and now, i may not even worry about it. though those really are so cute and so easy. but what did we not put in the mail today? our cards. i also realized that i greatly underestimated the amount of reprints i should have ordered, so we had to pare our list way down this year. so if you don't get a card from us this year, it's not that we don't love you. it's that i flaked out and ordered about twenty too few prints!

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Sometimes the best holidays are simple. I hope this is a wonderful Christmas for you, despite your current stresses. I am addressing cards tonight, too! And wrapping the last few gifts. I need to go to bed, but I'm determined to rest tomorrow! So I'll stay awake tonight and rest after church. Merry Christmas!

Wright Family said...

No one has been commenting on my blog either:) I think the whole week less between Thanksgiving and Christmas has thrown everyone. We are doing Christmas-y things but I feel like I am running around like a crazy person and hurrying to fit it all in. There is lots we haven't done, but what I have done is gotten hooked on Twilight. Never thought I'd get into a series on vampires--and I really don't have time to be reading anything right now! I hope y'all have a great Christmas. Oh, and THANK YOU for my birthday message! It really was our machine even though we have the strange man's voice on it--I don't know how to change it:)

e.c. said...

Hey Rebecca,

I'm Abby's friend who lives in Franklin, and I just had to comment b/c you said you were reading the Twilight series. I never thought I'd get into it too! A friend loaned them to me, and I've read the first two in five days(it helps to have to nurse a baby every two hours!). I'm wondering if I'm the only one out there who likes the story and finds it intriguing, but doesn't really like the characters much, especially the main character? Anyone else out there reading these?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to turn this into a blog about vampires, but I am on page 400 of the 4th book--totally hooked! But I really like the main characters, I must admit. I amazed at the variety of people that are reaading these books--I guess we are officially "Twighlight Moms"...

Abby, I am pretty much done with everything Christmas--but my hopes and expectations for our Christmas experiences are way less than yours. At least you are aiming high! I have not sewn/smocked anything since #2 was a baby. And this year, i didn't even buy my kids matching outfits---so I guess that is what i am not doing--having cutely dressed matching children. Oh wel, I am losing control in that arena anyway!

Merry Christmas,

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