Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Trails

I ran for the first time in two months today. The last time I ran was the week of Halloween, the week we moved out of George's mom's house, the last week Amabel was in school. So today, without a care for homeschooling or holidays or hostessing, three exciting yet exhausting endeavors of the last two months, I donned my workout gear, grabbed my iPod Shuffle (which was still charged!), and headed down our humongous half mile hill of a driveway onto a country highway with a speed limit of 55 (in my car) to find a place to run. I mention the hill and the highway to illustrate how the geography has also confounded my efforts to keep up my exercise regime. I found me a nice little two mile trail at a state park not so so far away and hoped to at least make it halfway through without having to stop. I secretly hoped a little higher, to make it one and a half miles or so, but I had to tell myself to do the best I could and be proud of whatever strength and endurance I had managed to hang on to. So imagine my surprise, when I finally took a short break, to come around the curve and see my car! I had stopped only about a tenth of a mile from the end. I was pretty excited. Okay, so two miles is no big deal. But I was pretty anxious about being completely at square one all over again. Let me tell ya, back to square one is the story of my life right now! 

And if I had known it was only that far, I think I surely could have finished the whole two miles. My muscles were very kind to me. I was tired, of course, and extremely slow (as usual), but they served me well. And my lungs were friendly too. My bladder hates me though. After three pregnancies, there may be no way around this. Even in high school I had friends who ran wearing Poise pads. I am not kidding! I was advised to do so after actually bailing out during a race to go use the bathroom! And I even had some friends who said they would sooner wet their pants than quit a race! Well, don't let's be silly! Anyway, it was kind of funny that that was my big reason for stopping. Perhaps if I run without drinking anything before, I can make it back up to three miles in the next month? Goodness sakes, how does anyone run a marathon?! But anyway, I still have two (ridiculously slow and weak) miles in me, and that is a very happy thing. 

And other than the wish to find a restroom, I very much enjoyed my run. The park is a little too close to the interstate for my taste, but most of the time you aren't able to see the traffic. And there were two ladies riding horses that went by me in the first half mile or so. I love the smell of horses. Mmmm. I smiled and put my hand up, but didn't speak to them because I had my music loud and because I didn't want to stop. But when I came around the curve at the end, they were coming around from the opposite direction and both gave me an enthusiastic "Good job!" I don't know if they were just that nice, or if I had looked just that pitiful when they had seen me earlier. But it was nice to have encouragement from someone besides George Harrison and Bob Dylan (I'm currently running to, among other things, tunes from Traveling Wilburys). So I am back to running, I guess. So we can mix in some more boring posts about that with the boring posts about homeschooling now! Hurray! I knew y'all would be excited!


Wright Family said...

Hurray!!! I think any amount of running in the midst of raising small children is wonderful! I wish I had been there to run with you and chat. Prayed for you all this morning...

Jessie said...

Way to go - I am not surprised you did 2 miles and am sure you'll be finishing 3 in no time at all.

And in a marathon you take a break to pee.

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