Tuesday, January 20, 2009

24 Days Until Valentine's Day

Well, today I had no time to continue my funk. I should have just done school yesterday to sufficiently distract myself. But with friends leaving and it being a holiday and all... Anyway, today I have set about teaching again as well as planning some fun things for school to look forward to. I saw a darling little Valentine's wreath craft on someone's blog the other day. I know, I know, Valentine's is totally a consumer holiday, but I'm trying to pull myself up by my bootstraps here, people! Anyway, it was after the fashion of the one in the Williams Sonoma catalog, which I didn't particularly like (and also costs $40). But I loved the one from the blog, the difference being that the Williams Sonoma wreath was done with Victorian era reproduction cards, which I think are hideous (slight overstatement), and the blog one was done with mid twentieth century style reproduction cards, which I think are super cute. I had actually seen a really sweet little book of punch out vintage Valentines at Borders recently and wondered if it was really something I should spend $5 on. I figured we won't have many Valentines to pass out this year without classroom parties, so I passed. But when I saw the wreath, I thought of it again instantly. I found it today on Amazon, the same one from Borders and from the blog I believe, and it is by Little Golden Books. So, of course, it's bound to be the most charming craft ever. Okay, wait, I found the blog (quite a feat if you realize how many blogs I looked at yesterday), it's called Deep Fried Kudzu. I borrowed the image from there to let you see what I am talking about. I hope it's okay to do that?

But that's not even why I'm posting. The point is that I was on Amazon and thinking about Valentine's Day (and needing $25 worth of goods to get free shipping). We traditionally give our children a "happy" for Valentine's Day, usually a book or video. As we have no TV reception at the house on the hill, I decided to check out some TV on DVD for my little ones, something along the lines of Backyardigans or Wonder Pets. But while those are great for August and Elspeth, Amabel is rapidly outgrowing Nick Jr. and Playhouse Disney fare. It seems the next big leap is Hannah Montana and the like, and we are not ready (if we ever will be) for that. I was trying to think of something wholesome and entertaining, appropriate for a seven year old, and it was really rough! Let me know if you have any suggestions. I thought of a couple of movies that we don't have. I looked at ordering The Incredibles and was surprised to see it for $20! Twenty bucks is a little high for a video, don't y'all think? The next one that came to mind, probably because of the association with a certain sweet little friend of ours, was Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland was always a favorite with me. At one point I think I had the Mad Tea Party completely memorized. Anyway, it's currently unavailable or something. 

But I discovered something else. There is a new Alice in Wonderland coming out early next year. It is being directed by none other than Tim Burton, and so I am sure that you can guess that it stars none other than Johnny Depp (as the Mad Hatter). Another educated guess would have you rightly placing Helena Bonham Carter in the cast; she plays the Red Queen. The White Queen will be played by Anne Hathaway. And another exciting casting decision is Alan Rickman as the Caterpillar. I do so love Alan Rickman. Snape, Colonel Brandon, The Sheriff of Nottingham- he's fabulous; don't you agree? Anyway, this did nothing to help me with a Valentine for Amabel, but I thought it was blog post worthy, nonetheless.  I have a truckload of requests in at the library to preview some videos that might be good for her, but feel free to suggest something if you have any ideas. Do bear in mind that I am anti-romance at this point (in regard to DVDs for a seven year old, not in general), unless it is a very minimized subplot as in Ratatouille. Call me crazy, but I just don't want to get started on that. Amabel has never seen any of the Disney princess movies, and that's the way I like it (that's the way I like it- Hey Jon and Annie, that should totally be your next family band song! You just need a toy piano!), so pleeeeease.... um, just no romance movies. 


jennifer h said...

I'll try to put together a pile that might be appropriate from our collection. The Canada-produced Anne of Green Gables is a favorite of Evangeline, and we have it on VHS. Do you have a regular old VHS player anymore? We also have a bunch of other movies that are appropriate.

Abby said...

thanks, jennifer! hurray! we do have a vhs player. it is finicky, but it works most of the time :) and it hasn't ever eaten a tape that i'm aware of, just likes to arbitrarily power off in the middle of things.

jennifer h said...

If your vhs player would eat our Anne tapes, it would give me a good excuse to buy them on dvd.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that wreath is SO cute! Also, I am VERY excited to hear about the new Alice in WOnderland. The Little Princess?? SUrely, you already have that b/c you gave it to me (and I LOVE it). We just watched Kit Kiteridge and I thought it was cute.

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