Thursday, January 01, 2009

All is Quiet on New Year's Day

I always think of my friend Sara on New Year's Day. She always hated New Year's because it was this horribly long day of football, and the malls were closed! It's true. We don't have TV reception right now, and George is at work anyway, but I definitely find myself feeling like I have no use for this day. On the other hand, I finally did get to balancing the checkbook, paying some bills, and writing thank you notes. And thank heaven for my sister Sarah who lovingly taped two 6 hour VHS tapes of Food Network for me and brought them at Christmas! I am all cozy in my PJs (at 4pm!) with Ina Garten cheerfully instructing me, hot cider and biscotti beside me, the tree lit up, and the computer warm in my lap! So, not such a useless day after all! But yes, it's very quiet up here at the house on the hill. And I know this isn't the first quiet New Year's because I have definitely thought before how the first line and video to the song seem appropriate. Well, I mean, the song and video have all this Polish political stuff going on, but just the whole four guys alone in the freezing snow part, and the quiet part. Not so much the wars being waged part. Or the part about riding horses to be with someone.

Anyway, until last year, we had gotten accustomed to spending New Year's with our good friends, the Fittses. I miss you, Fittses. Not to despair, I think we will be seeing them again in the next month. I really did just knock on wood. We pile into the big house on the river and build fires and play games and eat fantastic food prepared by Rebekah, our hostess who is an amazing cook. It is a winter imperative, even if it hasn't hit exactly on January 1 these two years. 

Another thing about New Year's is the resolutions. For the past two years, if you will remember, I have adopted my friend Annie's resolutions from 2007. And this year, I'm proud to say, I've grown. They were roughly this: read more, walk more, sew more, bake bread more, learn something, get rid of what you don't need, yell less (hers was at the dog; mine was at people and inanimate objects- we don't have a dog). Last year, I felt like I had adhered somewhat to some of these resolutions. This year, I feel a little triumphant! Well, reading. Yeah, I really need to read more. So keep that on the list. But walking. Walking? What about running? I ran my butt off this year! Except that I didn't! So discouraging. But I did run. And I shall keep it up, even if I keep my butt (and thighs and tummy and huge fat face) too. Is it okay that I keep saying but? Anyway, I have considered giving myself a mileage resolution, like 365 miles. That translates to a mile a day, or just 2.3 miles 3 times a week for 52 weeks. This is extremely doable. I usually run more days than that in a week and hope to be running more miles than that in a day, but I sometimes take whole weeks off during busy stretches or if I get sick. I am trying to figure what it would be if I had to take time off for pregnancy though. Maybe I'll just deal with that when the time comes? Anyway, sew more. I think I technically did sew more, but I still didn't sew much. I'm keeping it on the list. Bake bread more? I did, indeed. I still didn't bake much bread though, so that is staying on the list too. A triumph, nonetheless. Learn something? I think it's safe to say that recently, I have been learning more than I ever wanted to! But I think she meant academically. Well, homeschooling helps with that too, even if it is just second grade. I feel like I am on my way to becoming a more learned person all the time. Hurray! Get rid of what you don't need? How about most of what you have? Well, no, I still have it, just not access to it. But before I packed it all up, I purged. I feel very good about this. Check! And yell less? I feel pretty good about this one too. I feel much less impulsive. It's part of all that learning or something. So check again. 

So how about keeping up the bread baking, the sewing, the learning, and the running- taking it all up a notch, if you will. And then just the reading. Goodness sakes, it is shameful how little I read most of the time. It should suit the house on the hill though, solitary, quiet, no TV reception, light only by lamp. I feel like reading already! First up? Brighton Rock by Graham Greene. I actually started it a couple of days ago, but I'm only 70 pages in. Why Brighton Rock? Because it's about the guys in "Now My Heart is Full," a song by Morrissey that I love but makes no sense to me. I have little hope of it making sense to me after finishing the book, but I decided I would at least know who he is talking about. Anyway, anyone out there have any interesting resolutions? And again, Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Abby I am impressed---you have been quite the blogger these past few days. And I still am not enjoying New Years Day--now more because it lands on the tail end of a very long Christmas break, and I am ready for my routine. We stayed in pjs all day today. And even if you did have a tv signal, nothing entertaining is on. And my beloved vampire books are all finished! So there you have it! Happy New Years:)

annie said...

I like your idea about 365 miles. And, I think it's fine that you keep saying ass. Sometimes that word really comes in handy (that's what I keep telling myself, anyway).

Happy New Year's -- a day late!

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