Saturday, January 03, 2009

Eating Crow

What was that I said the other day? Something about not yelling as much? Something about maturing and  being less impulsive? Hmmmm..... Was that what I said? Because if you had been at my house this morning as I barked orders and rebuked each of my children for every tiny misstep, you would not think it possibly could have been. And if you had been at my house later this evening while I made dinner, you would know that surely this grumbling, scowling, surly hag could never deceive herself into thinking she had, in some way, overcome her unpleasant habit of shouting and hollering at things like pecans and two year olds and spatulas and people who are not actually even in the room. Lovely. How many times did Mommy have to humbly apologize to her three nervous children today? Too many. Ugh! Put it back on the list! Because I am weeks away from being able to blame it on PMS!

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