Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good News

I haven't posted because everything "routine" has kind of stopped while we have had our good friends in town. I haven't done laundry or homeschool, and I haven't run or read either. I have just enjoyed our friends. It's been really nice. They will be leaving us tomorrow, and we are sad to see our nice long weekend come to an end. Then it will be back to Latin and cursive and multiplication and Psalm 136, and all of our other second grade endeavors here at home. But I wanted to share that we are very grateful that George has found a full time job through a cleaning company that he has worked for from time to time over the past several years. They contacted him late last week about being a "daytime porter" at a company they have a contract with. The hours will be something like 7 to 3 which will enable him to keep his job at Home Depot as well. One does not often celebrate eight years of school leading to work as a janitor, but at this point, we do. We are just thankful that he has found anything in this economy, and are still prayerful that he will find a job that suits his pastoral gifts and training better. Anyway, he starts tomorrow, and we are grateful. We know so many of you are praying for us, and we cannot tell you what an encouragement that is. This is definitely an answer to prayer. 


Wright Family said...

Praise the Lord! Thank you for the update. Nathaniel asks me every day if I have heard any updates from the job front for y'all. We are both praying each day. I know God will use George's gifts wherever he is--still praying for a job he will LOVE.

e.c. said...

GREAT News! Yea! We are continually praying for y'all, both individually and as a church(last night in fact :)) I will pass the update along and we will be sure to continue to pray for a pastoral calling for George.

So glad y'all are having fun with the F's(I'm assuming). That explains why I couldn't get in touch with you! I will try to call you tomorrow or Wednesday.

Love, Elizabeth

jennifer h said...

Glad to learn of this provision!

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